How to make money online at home?

by Duc Nguyen

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Hey guys, my name is Duc and I’m from Vietnam. Before making money online, I was a chemical engineering engineer. Everyday I have to go to work at 8am and finish at 5:30 pm, actually time is not very comfortable. The monthly salary is not much and there is quite a lot of pressure from the company. Perhaps this is the driving force for change.

Making money online has changed who I am and it can also solve the difficulties in your life. However, you must choose the right way before you can go further.

I always use blog as a platform to make money. If you go spam or hang around to insert links, that’s a mistake and it won’t go anywhere. In fact, you are annoying people.

Yes! Blog development, social marketing, affiliate marketing, referral marketing … combine them. That’s what I have and will mention on the Affiliate Dollar blog



Duc Nguyen Affiliate Dollar


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