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About me

by Duc Nguyen
  • Get ebook online monetization strategy based on the development of Blog and Social media.
  • Get monetization product page reviews, blog development tips, social media, digital marketing … weekly
  • Contact me when you get stuck

Who is Duc Nguyen?

My name is Duc Nguyen, the creator of the Affiliate Dollar blog. I’m not famous and not too successful, but I can help you make money with things I know.

A strategy to build an online monetization system was created by me. It is based on blog and social building. Combine with email marketing strategy. This is also the direction of the Affiliate Dollar blog, hope you can find what you want

I started making money online through affiliate marketing since 2017. It was quite late and I was 25 years old by that time.

But before that was a quiet and quite inhibitory life. I do not like it.

Born into a poor family, I stepped into college and tried to succeed after finishing school. Chemical engineering, when I graduated I was an engineer. But the salary is not high and just enough to live.

Not only that, the work pressure is heavy, boss screaming, too much to bear. I quit my job and found my way.

I remember it was the end of 2016, crashing into the cripto and taking a hit with bitcoin’s slump, really bad.

Do you know? Affiliate marketing saved me and especially clickbank. Just copy and paste, a blessing. But I realize that this is quite annoying for people and there needs to be a way that can help and not disturb them.

Since 2017, I am engaged in research and learning. Build a blog, make yourself expert, take SEO courses, digital marketing courses … everything helps me improve.

And in 2020, a blog of my own is launched, what will it be in the blog?

Here’s how I can help you

How to start a wordpress blog?

Blog development seems quite difficult for everyone. It’s quite easy to create and develop a blog, but there are many reasons why people stop.

What do I bring you when developing a blog?

    • How to choose a good hosting provider
    • Choose and set a domain name that suits you best
    • Get familiar with wordpress design and installation
    • Get in touch with niche themes and plugins needed to help you develop your website
    • Blogging tips
    • How to promote your blog to the outside and …. more

Attract customers with Social Media

Marketing strategies with Social Media channels attract more customers to you, the more people you contact, the more income you have. What will you see in my blog:

    • Marketing strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, …
    • Popular ways to make money off of social media
    • Special associations between blogging and social media

Reviews websites that allow you to make money online

I have searched and listed more than 100 of the most popular ways to make money at the moment. Each way to make money will have detailed instructions.

Along with that is the reviews of the websites that allow you to make money online, the most prominent sites. They are related to the ways to make money online that I have introduced. Lots of different niches, hopefully there will be one right for you.

And finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. In the shortest time, I will answer for you.

Duc Nguyen

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