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by Duc Nguyen
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Let’s take a look at Mediakix’s statistics on affiliate marketing programs:

  • $ 5.3 billion will be spent on us affiliate marketing in 2017
  • 81% of brands use affiliate marketing programs
  • Search interest grew 30% for “affiliate marketing” in one year
  • 20% of publishers ’annual revenue is generated through affiliate marketing
  • 16% of all online orders are generated through affiliate marketing
  • $ 7 million in affiliate marketing revenue was produced by one influencer in a single year

These are only their statistics in 2017, but the benefits of this industry for business development are huge. For now, let’s return to being a publisher. You need to know:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing? Its working process?
  • Does affiliate marketing help you make a lot of money?
  • Which strategy is best to start with affiliate marketing? ….

A job can generate big income, you can stay at home and make money. Businesses can develop and sell products, you can make money from that product, users enjoy when you introduce good products to them …

Come with me to dive below!

What is affiliate marketing programs?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing, you will earn commissions by promoting products to others. You will be an affiliate, you will promote products to customers, products that are created by merchants, businesses and they create affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliates will search for products they like. It can be physical products, digital products, a service …., profits will be paid to them after each sale. The sales process will be monitored via a link created by businesses or merchants, customers click on the link, buy products. Merchants will pay commissions to affiliates.

How Does Affiliate marketing Program Work?

Merchants – Publishers – Customers, these are 3 important factors that form an affiliate marketing program.

An affiliate marketing process created by merchants. Who are they? Those are the people who create the products, the businesses, the suppliers … Their products are physical products, digital products, services …

But to activate affiliate programs, it must have an extremely important factor, that is the affiliate, the publisher. The process will take place as follows:

How does the affiliate marketing programs work


Looking at the infographic above, you will get a better idea of the workflow of an affiliate program.

  1. Merchants create a product and they want to market it
  2. Merchants want to use the affiliate program for marketing and they buy or create a system to manage the affiliate program
  3. Merchants have their websites. They put products and systems on the website
  4. An affiliate code will be generated corresponding to the publisher and the product
  5. Publisher uses affiliate code or advertising code and put on their channel (blog, social channel …)
  6. Publishers will use marketing strategies to attract users to their channels
  7. Users, customers navigate to the publisher’s channel. They find it interesting and click on the affiliate code or advertisement.
  8. The user is taken to the merchant’s website
  9. Users buy the product and pay the merchant
  10. Commissions will be paid to the publisher by the merchant. Commission amount is calculated as a percentage of the product price

Perhaps many people will wonder, why not the relationship between 4 parties (Merchant – affiliate network – Publisher – Customer). Means to add affiliate networks like amazon associates, clickbank, Cj, ..

Actually, affiliate networks are just bridges, they are not in the essence of an affiliate marketing program. Their job is to advertise, connect publishers and merchants together, ensure transparent transactions …

How to get started with affiliate marketing?

Making money is the majority of everyone’s goal when participating in affiliate marketing. You will stop and do not develop if you do not like this job.

Please love “affiliate marketing” before you start with it

Look at yourself, what are you good at?

Looking back on the early days of affiliate marketing, oh it was so easy and you made it so easy, users found it strange and they clicked.

You have a commission, but what about today?

  • Customers are harder, smarter and they want something good for them
  • You need to prove the product is useful and good for users
  • They believe in an experience before using the product
  • Customers need judgments from an expert, or simply reviews from people like them.
  • The reality from the product is a very necessary thing
Create trust for customers


The example is quite simple, you are selling digital products about affiliate marketing, but you know nothing. So! Who will buy your product when you know nothing or have not experienced it?

You like what field, good at it, follow it. I added your hobby. When you work on your hobbies, you can drop your passion into it.

But what if you are vague about the product you are pursuing?

Is it necessary to create a blog? Choose the affiliate marketing program that fits that.

Blogs, service websites or brand websites are what an affiliate marketing person will be towards. Because it’s simple, it’s theirs and doesn’t need to depend on any other platform.

Can you design a blog? If you do not know, you can hire or take time to study. Or if you do not like making a blog, you can depend on large platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, instagram … Many affiliate programs accept that.

Take amazon and clickbank as an example, these are the two big guys in affiliate program and you can try.

Amazon created an affiliate program for physical products (including digital) with very low commission, only 5% of the product price and a cookie retention period of 1 day.

Amazon created an affiliate program


However, when customers buy other products, amazon still counts for you. The best way for you to Promote, is to create a website and review the product. This is the giant of e-commerce affiliate

What about Clickbank, the digital products, rose up from 20% to 75%. You can Promote anywhere: website, Youtube, social …. As long as there are many people.

For example clickbank commission


If you do not like to blog, Clickbank is an extremely wise choice. It’s easy to make money with it.

In fact, without creating a blog, you can still do affiliate marketing. However, to grow on this path, a blog is needed.

Research and choose the right affiliate product

The solution to the ambiguity about the product you want to sell is: choose a product you like and become an expert on it.

  • Start with what you are best at
  • The product you have chosen is too much, bạn sẽ không tập trung .
  • You need a less competitive product, you understand and like it
  • The product is appreciated by many people and it is good for the target audience
Research and choose the right affiliate product


As I said, create your own expertise in the product you choose, the user needs a good product, a quality assessment. And to make it easy for you to get started, clickbank’s digital product is great.

But if you see a potential product on Amazon, you can create a website, write articles and record videos about it. You will get rich quick!

Buy products before promoting and creating expertise

Buy dog food and reviews. Youtube channel with 600 thousand views for a video

Buy products before promoting and creating expertise


  • To know if a product is good or bad, you need to buy and experience it.
  • After the experience, evaluate the product, create trust from users and guide them to purchase decisions
  • Become a product expert, become a prototype for users to refer
  • Create videos, real images of products. These are the most effective sentences.

Select channels to promote and choose the way to get traffic

Some merchants require quite a lot, and the condition is that we have to do affiliate marketing on a website. Not everyone is as easy as clickbank

Of course the website is the best place for us to put product promotion links. However, with clickbank, you can build a youtube channel, fanpage … and put affiliate links on it

And the problem is how do you pull traffic back to the platform you are linking to?

Advertising, catching social trends, SEO, youtube, email marketing … these are ways to find traffic. This issue I will guide in more detail in my articles.

How much money do you need to get started with affiliate marketing programs?

Before answering this question, I want to know “how much money do you want to earn from affiliate marketing programs?”

First, I can say that you don’t need to pay anything, it’s free and you can make money from affiliate marketing.

With the hoplink from clickbank, you just need to copy and paste it where you want, as long as people buy and you have money. It’s completely free when you rely on social channels, youtube … to promote this link.

Hoplink on clickbank affiliate

But no free party forever, your copy and paste will not last long, customers will find it too boring. The amount of money you earn is not much, you still have to plunge into your work. And there is no passive income in the true sense of affiliate marketing.

So, how?

Affiliate with social network

Rely on social networks themselves, big websites. Create your own channel with many followers. It could be facebook, twitter, youtube …

This way no cost, you just put effort to build. Sometimes you need to advertise your channel, this depends on your condition.

Another way and also the most optimal way, create a website and introduce affiliate products. Of course you need to spend money to invest: domain name, hosting, adword advertising, email marketing …

blog reviews affiliate marketing

You need to spend money on this

For my own, in this blog: $ 13 / year for godaddy domain – $ 27 / year with hosting of Stablehost.

To build a website, you need to write content (if you cannot write, you must hire). Use SEO to bring users free website. Or you can attract users with adwords. And an email marketing campaign is hard to ignore.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

You all know that, when consumers buy a product introduced by the publisher, the publisher will receive a commission. However this is just the surface in affiliate marketing.

Businesses are always expanding the concept of affiliate marketing in accordance with their development. Therefore, sometimes it is not necessary to buy a product to get a commission.

Get commission after users buy the product

This is a common form that businesses often apply. Publishers receive a commission when someone buys the product they’re marketing. Commission is calculated as a percentage of the product price.

Clickbank, amazon, … are the most prominent platforms you can refer to

Get commission after user clicked

A wider development of affiliate marketing. Merchants, businesses want to be famous, want the website to have a lot of traffic … Users click on links or banner ads, then they are redirected to the business website. The amount of commission you receive will be counted by the number of clicks or the number of impressions

Google adsense is the most typical model for this form

Get commission after referral.

Users will be encouraged to visit the merchant’s website. There, users have to register, play the game, fill out the form, survey … Publisher will receive a commission when the user completes the task set by the merchant.

This form may seem very similar to referral marketing, but it is completely different in nature.

How do i become a successful affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is not a job to make money right away. When I was successful, I went through a lot of things, of course the affiliate people out there, too, only when they do, they will understand the journey of how it is.

Love the “affiliate marketing” job

Of course, anyone who is an affiliate marketing has only one purpose of “making money”. But if you just work with the mind to make money is not enough, you will be like a hired employee for a company only.

The problem is that you must have passion, only passion for affiliate, you can drop yourself into affiliate marketing. Also like “I like marketing so I learn them very quickly, but I don’t like Japanese, which leads to me learning really slowly”.

Do you understand me?

Starting from the smallest number

There will be many lucky people entering the profession, they will make large numbers of money. However most of us start slowly with fairly small numbers.

I remember more than 3 years ago, I created a music site and sold products to Amazon. What was the first money I earned? 5% of $ 9 is $ 0.45, it’s a music album. The money is so small but I’m happy. It was the first item when I entered affiliate marketing, I had the confidence to continue and success would come next.

Know and understand the product you are marketing.

  • What are the advantages of the product? What are the downside of the product?
  • Is that product good? Is the quality of the product better than the competition?
  • Where does the product come from? What is the material of the product? Customers evaluate how the product?
  • Do you have an idea for a marketing campaign?

Ask everything about the product. You will understand it!

Do not give up halfway!

  • You are depressed
  • Do not earn money
  • Too little money
  • Uneven income
  • Fastidious customer

You feel tired and depressed. So you give up. You will be the loser.

We need to stand up from failure, find the cause of mistakes … then move on. Many people have succeeded, why don’t you?

Why do other people succeed? How do you feel about them?

Many courses are in place, but you need to have the right analysis and thinking.

When you plan in detail, you will have a broader view of your path. Less influenced by other factors, tracking the fluctuations of the working process. When encountering errors, it’s easy to identify your errors and fix them.

Become an expert.

I have built my own instagram channel to sell, is that an expert? The bottom line is there

  • You need a basic channel, you need a large number of followers related to the product you promote.
  • Your post must show that you understand the product. It is better to have the most authentic, most realistic assessments.
  • And you have to model them. That means you have to get real photos, videos of your use of the product

That is the expert. Profits will be in your hands when you become an expert.

Team building

You are on the rise and come to a point difficult to control. Create a team to solve that. You will have more ideas, more scale and more profits.

Currently I’m still alone so this number 8 is just a supplement.

Which channels do you do affiliate marketing?

As I said, I can make money with affiliates by posting them everywhere. And the problem is, what channels have I used to promote affiliate marketing?

The crowd factor is one factor I will put on top. And think about “which channels attract a lot of followers on the internet?”

Here are a few popular channels that I usually promote affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing with blog

Each website is owned by each individual, it’s a home on the internet. And of course, at first, nobody knew the house, so it was obvious that it was empty.

However, if you use many ways to attract traffic, it is another problem, more followers, your website will become famous. To attract more people to your website, your website can be in the form of newspapers, blog sharing, … And until then, do your affiliate marketing work.

Write product review articles

Social Network

Facebook, twitter, Instagram … these are social media channels with a huge number of followers. Create yourself an account, turn yourself into an expert, get people to follow you. Next is the affiliate marketing issue

Many strategies will be applied to social networks. A gold mine that you can skip.

Famous people

They are the stars, the public attention and thousands, millions of followers. If you feel reasonable, you can ask them. However, it will be difficult to convince these people, because there will be a negotiation and benefits behind.

Put affiliate link on celebrity social page

On the internet, there are currently quite a lot of celebrities, they own social networking channels, blogs, websites, youtube … there are a lot of followers. Depending on the product you participate in affiliate marketing, contact them and negotiate accordingly. You absolutely can succeed in this niche.

Email marketing

  • The rate of opening mail is decreasing, but this is still an important source of affiliate income. I will not address the problem of collecting user emails, then send spam, it is ineffective and counterproductive.
  • By creating a system, getting users to sign up and giving them what they need. You can absolutely get an email file that is approved by everyone.
Affiliate with email marketing

Video marketing

  • Trends of the present as well as the future. People love watching videos, tons of people make money from youtube, vimeo … through the videos they upload.
  • At this point I want to talk about Affiliate and putting the link code below the video is quite possible. Why not create a channel to attract users and make money through affiliate marketing.
Insert affiliate link below video description

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

People who work out there

  • They work 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours.
  • They enjoy a fixed salary, sometimes sales but will be pressured to die sales pressure. Ok, got it!
  • Pressure from your boss, pressure from poverty, pressure from family, children …
  • Get up early, go to work late, cook late, take care of the children, take care of the family, … all day. And what did you do?

When you join affiliate marketing

  • The pressure of money will be there, but when you get the first commission, that is nothing. Ok, got it!
  • No need to own products, no delivery, no need to produce products. Your company and your job is to introduce users to buy the product.
  • No need for a lofty knowledge, know how to use a computer and hug it at home. Ok, got it
  • A lot of money, freedom of time, traveling, going out, buying a car, buying a house … it is absolutely possible.
  • No need to start a company, no need to respect any money
Benefits joining affiliate marketing

How Much In Commissions Can I Earn In Affiliate Marketing?

As I mentioned in the prologue, the statistics show that affiliate marketing is growing strongly. By 2020, too, spending in the affiliate marketing industry in the United States has reached nearly 7 billion dollars.
The question is “how much money will you make from affiliate marketing industry?”

See what John Crestani has to say about this

There are 3 main types of products located in 3 different rose segments:

There are no limits when you make money with affiliate marketing, the limit is yours. Take a look at some of the following

  • Massive: the more your target audience, the higher your income
  • Easy to sell: the product is easy to sell, you will make money faster and more.
  • Products that are difficult to sell require a lot of effort and a longer time.
  • Merchant restrictions: You will make up to $ 1,000 on Alibaba because they have many restrictions. But you will make unlimited, $ 100,000 or even millions of dollars on Amazon without any hindrance.
  • Skills: you will make more money blogging, catching social networking trends …
  • Community channel: the more followers you have, the more money you will make.
  • Diversity of platforms: the more merchants you become, the more money you will make.

So the question is not how much money is made from this huge industry. The problem here is how you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing.


Those are all my thoughts and insights on affiliate marketing programs
And let me know your opinion on this growing industry.

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