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Benefits of blogging

by Duc Nguyen
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When you enter the internet world, your website is a home. Blog is the heart of the website. So is blog important? Many people think that blogging takes time, businesses rush into advertising and they ignore blogging … So are they right? Let me find out what are the benefits of blogging!

But first let’s see why blogging makes it so difficult for so many people:

    • Takes too much construction time
    • Technical issues for blogging are difficult
    • Many people are not satisfied
    • It takes a long time to make money
    • Lack of flexible news for other jobs.

But that’s just a reason to get rid of laziness. Read the 25 biggest benefits of blogging for you and your business, you will probably change your mindset.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is making you money

The benefit of blogging is to help you make money

Description: Most blogs are created to make money, from businesses, individuals, organizations … for the most part. Only a small proportion consider blogging a joy in life. You will make a lot of money if your blog is known by many people and has a position on google search engine. Realistically, the earlier people started blogging, the richer they were

Direction: There are many ways to make money with blogging. You can start with an internet business, do affiliate marketing, sell products, do services … a lot. Like I said, to be able to easily monetize your blog, your blog needs long enough, good content, lots of followers and a place on google. That is all.

Turn your hobby into a business

Business with wordpress blog

Description: You love playing games, like fashion, finance, crafts … you absolutely can put them on your blog. You can sell the products you have, do affiliate marketing, sell services, sell courses … do anything and make money related to the things you like.

Direction: Plan articles related to topics you like. Turn your blog into a place for many people to target. Each topic will have a different way of doing business on a website. Combine it and turn your hobby into a business.

Blog helps you with product marketing and reviews (any)

Blog helps product marketing


Blog reviews articles are product oriented articles. A good blog review will make it easy to sell your product. With the current trend, users cannot directly buy products without searching for information in advance. They need to know the product information, see if the product is good or not, and have many good reviews. Blogs are the best place for them to know which products they should and shouldn’t buy

On the blog, you need to apply many ways to create trust from your audience in the product. Maybe a quality review, maybe an image of a product review from someone else … anything you can put in your blog.

Blogging is a way to market a business


Blogging is the way to attract more audience, they read the article and they will know who is writing it. Businesses can create blogs, or articles that can mention the business.

Blog helps business marketing

A simple example: an enterprise applies an affiliate marketing program. A blog will evaluate the business’s products. The article gets a lot of attention, they click on the link and buy the business’s products. This is how to do affiliate marketing and also a small way that businesses rely on blogs to market themselves.


Optimizing and hitting content marketing is the best marketing way for businesses. But content is the essence of a blog, to have a quality blog that is well-received, you need time.

Enhancing professional knowledge

Professional enhancement


When you start with a blog that specializes in a topic, the idea of the article you must have. And of course, neither is it readily available, you have to search, find out more knowledge. Gradually, your knowledge of the topic you are working on will increase.


First choose a niche you like, planning it initially. Following the plan’s path, unknown knowledge you can learn more about. Use that knowledge, turn them into your articles. Naturally, by publishing that new knowledge, your expertise will be enhanced because when you do so, you learn and practice yourself.

Become a self-owner, all authority on the blog is yours

Become an authority


You do not need to work under your management, you are owning yourself. Take control of your time and work. Writing articles, posting, advertising, marketing, making money … everything is up to you to decide.


In fact, it is quite easy to be self-employed, but not easy to achieve with a blog. Most importantly, you must make money from your blog and quit the job you are doing for other people. Only when you focus on blogging, can you be autonomous with blogging.

Teach you self-control in all jobs


With no one to guide you, you have to do it all yourself. Really, when you start a blog, you have to plan yourself, write your own articles, design your own blog, promote your own blog … Because of these things, will gradually teach you self-confidence. master at work. Or to put it simply, starting a blog gives you a habit, a habit of doing things yourself.


Set goals, create a plan and complete them on time. You know, depression happens because you have a hard time dealing with everything on your own. When the habit of self-employed in the blog is formed, the habit of independent and self-employed in life will arise.

Improve writing skills


No one is born as a writer, they have to be trained. Blogging can help you practice your writing skills. Normally you will write pretty bad at first, but sticking with and spending a lot of time blogging, your writing skills will improve. That is a fact that is hard to deny.


Writing a lot will naturally become a habit. But the main reason that helps you improve your rewrite skills lies in your audience. In order for them to follow you, your blog needs to write well and be persuasive. In fact, your writing skills will perfect according to the interests of your audience. Read the many articles that people follow, analyze your audience’s behavior and intentions, and your writing skills will improve.

Allows the development of many skills on the internet


A blogger is a person who knows a lot of skills. Some outstanding skills such as:

    • Writing, copywriting skills
    • Photoshop, image editing
    • Design and video recording
    • A little bit of code
    • WordPress design
    • Advertise on google ads, facebook ads …
    • Email marketing …


When you first blog, you will not have these skills at all, even if there are only a few. When it comes to problems to be solved, you need to learn and practice by yourself. Over time, these skills will become a habit. And that’s when you master many skills

Facing fears, creates confidence for yourself


Blogging is a long way, it will forge you to persevere, confidence for your best friend. Notice the courses, sharing articles, podcasts, seminars … most of them appear from bloggers. It is not natural that they can confidently do so. Through the process of blogging, in order to achieve their blog goals, they have become confident.


Just write a blog, please share more, do not hesitate, the audience will welcome. Set goals and be obliged to accomplish them. Try to make yourself an expert blog, get people to listen to you, confidence will appear without your knowledge.

Make you an expert


That’s right, an expert. When your blog gets noticed by many people, you will be famous. Your audience reads your articles and they will assume you have an in-depth knowledge of what they’re looking for.

Or to put it simply, a blog expert is someone who gets a lot of followers. And you must have a lot of knowledge, articles, stories, tutorials, advice on the topic you pursue. More precisely, you are at the forefront or only talking about a certain topic.


You don’t have to be good to become an expert. Create a blog, post 3 to 4 articles a week on the same topic. After about 4 to 5 months, you will have an inventory of articles on the topic you are targeting. Besides, your various pages of articles must achieve high search engine rankings. Just like that, you will become an expert.

Helping you to become an authority


To be more precise, this is after you become an expert in the subject you write. The next posts, your comments will have weight, you like a pointer for people to learn and follow. It is what I call authority in blogging. It will also help you put weight in the courses you teach, seminars …


Become an expert while at the same time build confidence when facing your audience.

Blogging makes selling courses easy


Like I said, blogging helps you become an expert, a speaker. Therefore, when creating a course, it will be well received by the audience.


This is a fairly common combination. Try to build a blog with educational content. Once you have a lot of followers, create a related course. Whether it’s on udemy, on clickbank or even on your website, with your name soaring thanks to blogging, the course will sell well.

Create opportunities


Lots of opportunities, I can confirm that. When you become a famous blogger, the opportunities for cooperation with the media, business cooperation opportunities, the opportunity to interact with industry experts, are sponsored … a lot.


To reach these opportunities, your blog must be ahead of the crowd. Become an industry leader and your articles are decisive, engaging. Only when blog posts are followed by a large number of followers will you have your own opportunities.

Search engines prefer a blog, blog that enhances search engine optimization

Google loves blogs more


On google search engine, when the audience likes it, google will like it. On the blog is information to educate and educate users. The audience will generally watch much, stay with this information longer. Google understands that, so blogging is an important step to win the hearts of google search engines.


However, it is not easy to create a blog that google likes, blogs must be good and useful for the audience. The best solution is to create the best, complete, meaningful content for your audience. The content is not too short, too poor, not copied by others. Also search engine optimization (SEO) is a must when it comes to blogging.

Attract more audiences, connect them to you or your business


When you want to do service, be a celebrity, or own a business you need to have an audience. Starting with a blog will generate more audience for you. Users follow the blog content to find what they want and when you show them what they want they will follow you. Conversations are ongoing between blog owners and their audience. This is a connection.


Write high quality content, optimize search engine, generate ranking for article pages, create brand in the eyes of google. By doing this, the audience, the people related to the topic you blog about will come to you.

A blog is a diary that records your life


The content on the blog will not be lost if you keep it going. Blog will let you look back on what you write, what you go through the process of perfecting yourself thanks to the blog. Also where you post thoughts on the topic you are working on. Many people also create blogs to keep a diary of their life.


Keep blogging constantly with new articles, articles that follow your way of thinking. In addition to keeping up with new posts, share your blog outside. Along with that, you have to renew the domain name, hosting, otherwise your blog will die, you will not see what you write on the blog anymore.

Bring a lot of information, help the audience to solve many questions


What do people go to google for?

Aren’t they looking for information? A website does not contain much information, has no blog, only products do nothing. Blog is what solves this problem. A blog is a collection of different articles that inform your audience and teach them many things.


Create quality articles that meet the information needs of your audience. Keywords are user intent, with keyword research that will help you create content that meets the needs of your audience. Create an information warehouse, thus satisfying your audience and benefiting yourself

Branding online

Branding is another benefit of blogging


The problem is quite simple, many people know about your business and many of the content that the business creates has rankings on google, your brand will naturally be famous. The problem is how to create a standout online brand? Blog, yes is a blog, a blog that helps your brand stand out because it attracts many followers.


Try to build quality content that is responsive to user intent, and uses SEO to optimize articles. Advertising is also a way to get more people to know your business. Note that, although many people visit the blog, but the content is bad, users will leave immediately and the blog will not help you build your brand.

Meet new people (audience and blogger community)


Your audience follows the content on your blog, fellow blogging colleagues on the same topic. They are new friends, you will meet them throughout the blogging process.


Writing guest posts, exchanging emails, participating in quality comments… are your way of interacting with other bloggers. Answering audience questions, answering audience questions… this is how you interact with your audience.

BLog as a communication tool, it helps you stay in touch


Blog maintained and developed will not be lost, the audience can visit whenever they need it. So they can contact you at any time. In addition to collecting emails to take care of your audience, this is also a way to keep communication between you and your audience.


Write many quality articles, optimize, maintain blog. Applying email marketing, chatbox, commenting … these are probably the best ways to help your blog keep in touch with your audience.

Strengthening and developing relationships with old customers and new customers


For a business, to grow, they have to know how to take care of their old customers and attract new ones. Blog is what can help businesses do that. Why?

Blog news, product and business updates, objective reviews … this is what new and old customers need. And when you have these, you get customers.


When you do keyword research and include blog posts, you cover all of the intentions of new and old customers. The information they find is on your blog. The other issue is whether your content is enough to convince and hold them back.

Helping businesses build trust and influence in the industry



For businesses, in addition to competition, there is also cooperation, cooperation that occurs when your partner trusts your business. For the online marketplace, not only having many customers is enough, you must always be present in high rankings on google with different user intentions.


If you hold many high positions for keywords in your industry, you will be the target of many businesses. Actually top 10 google in a topic it’s powerful. Simply because, you have the potential to appear a lot in front of users. Blog will solve this problem, because google likes blogging.

Optimize and cover search intent of users in your industry.

Where to create leads, loyal customers


Email marketing creates leads and loyal customers, so does blogging. The content on the article is somehow blind to the audience, expecting to follow the information you update. If you say email is customer focus, then blog is a persuasive place to customers.


Content optimization is the way to go if you want your blog to generate leads. Optimize CTA, exclusive content, privileges for customers, leverage banners to delight customers. You can even put greetings on your posts.

Create sharing opportunities


Good, compelling blog content … makes the audience want to share your content. This is a viral and an opportunity for your blog to grow.


Place share buttons on posts as appropriate. Write content aimed at masses of people.

Sharing will greatly influence the benefits of blogging


Conclusion benefits of blogs

If you’ve stepped into the online world and want to do something, you should start with a blog, the 25 benefits of blogging are great. It will take a long time to build a right blog, but once you get solid on Google’s search engine, flight times are useless.

If you are wondering how to get started with a blog, perhaps my tutorial will be of help. You will start with the wordpress platform: How to start a wordpress blog?

When it comes to business, or you’re in business, even wanting to be an expert, an instructor, a blog is almost a must. If you don’t have time to do it, you can outsource it. But by doing so, it won’t be easy to match your thoughts.

If you want to comment or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I am always ready to listen!

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