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Best bot traffic website

by Duc Nguyen
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Using bot traffic website cannot generate conversions and also cause problems for your website. A business wants to develop its brand, absolutely do not use web traffic bots. However, if your website has a short goal or wants to make money in a short time, using bot traffic is an advantage.

There are many websites that provide bot traffic, they have been around for a long time and are still popular with many people. I mentioned “what is bot traffic?” In fact, the bots that come from these sites are not bad but cannot be used for too long.

Here, let’s take a look at a few small comments about the 8 best bot traffic websites at the moment.


Bot traffic website from SparkTraffic

SparkTraffic has been around since 2014, this is a phenomenon and it is leading the way with bot traffic. On their website, SparkTraffic claims, they support more than 75 countries, over 200,000 satisfied customers, more than 140,000 active websites, and over 200 million visits in 24 hours.

Their lowest hits package provides 60 thousand views and 20 thousand unique visits in 1 month. Top package up to 1 million views and 330 thousand visits in a month. 3 page views per visit. Access time 5 minutes. Bounce rate, language, session duration, … are all optimized.

If you look at their hits package, you will think they are delivering real people. Everything is optimized for SEO. But all are bots and they claim so

Pricing bot traffic service packages from Sparktraffic

Traffic Creator

Bot traffic website from Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator is a pretty new name, launched in 2019. However, the service it offers is not inferior to SparkTraffic.

Lowest plan offers 20 hits per month, 3 pages per visit, 15 minutes on page time. Best package, providing 330 thousand visitors per month, 11 pages per visit, 15 minutes time on page.

Especially in Traffic Creator, they provide a free package with unlimited time for you, comfortably experience. However, it is limited to 2 thousand and 6 thousand visits per month.

They also claim their bot traffic is safe with adsense, trackable by all common tracking software (Google Analytics, Alexa, Shopify etc.) and increase Alexa rank. Only safe with google adsense, I do not believe much.


Traffic bot from babylon traffic

Babylon Fortress is very popular, but babylon traffic is not very famous. Babylon Traffic defines bounce rate, time on page, number of clicks, etc. as a page action. That means Babylon Traffic optimizes all of these factors …. In fact, their way of working is similar to Traffic Creator and SparkTraffic

Their package price is quite expensive. Lowest price 29 $ for 1 thousand actions a day, highest 999 $ for 100 thousand actions a day.

Babylon traffic has confirmed that they provide bot traffic and is safe with google adsense. They also provide 24/7 continuous support, when there is a traffic problem, support is needed


Traffic exchange with Hitleap traffic

One special thing about HitLeap, very different from other Bot Traffic providers, they exchange traffic. Of course they still sell Bot Traffic. HitLeap started in 2013, quite early, and they operate as a traffic exchange.

You go to another site, view and stay on that page. You will earn points for doing so through HitLeap. Conversely, the participants will also visit your website. Everything will be managed by HitLeap traffic.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen lots of people use HitLeap to make money. Especially the money-making services Adfly. This also means that the Adfly link posters will earn money when you click on these links. If you are looking for real users, HitLeap is a candidate, but this is not where you find potential customers, users are less interested in your product.

Inside the dashboard interface, you’ll see HitLeap selling Traffic bots. Lowest $ 7 with 10 thousand hits, in terms of quality, still need you to feel.


Rankboostup traffic bot

RankBoostUp has been operating since 2008, very soon, they are a veteran web bot traffic provider. Formerly Alexaboostup, and after changing hands many times, RankBoostUp has existed until now. Like HitLeap Traffic, they operate on the exchange of traffic.

You will earn points by earning points, visiting other people’s websites. Use that point in exchange for necessary traffic. The downside of this method is that the user doesn’t pay attention to your site, you won’t have potential customers.

Of course, you can free registration and find traffic for you. You can also accumulate hits by buying hits, the $ 10 base bundle with 12,000 hits.

Everything is managed by a RankBoostUp software. This is also seen as a hidden bot.


traffic real from trafficape

TrafficApe is active since 2014, they claim they provide real traffic. TrafficApe also provides display advertising activity.

Why do I suspect they provide bot traffic?

  • They display unique information on the home page
  • Not much detailed information about the packages they offer
  • There is no proof that their traffic is real
  • There aren’t a lot of reviews about TrafficApe on reputable review sites

I need to know if someone has tested TrafficApe! The points are suspicious and I will not encourage you to use their services.


Bot traffic web from TraffBoost

TraffBoost works quite similarly to HitLeap traffic and RankBoostUp. However, apart from asserting that traffic is real, they don’t have any better information. Everything is just free and advanced packages.

You can earn points for free by visiting someone else’s website or buying loyalty points. You will consume these accumulated points and earn traffic to your website.

Anyway with this form, everything will work based on a software running in the background or even though not running in the background, users do not pay attention to your website. Not good for SEO, and for no customers.TraffBoost still has too few reviews from users.

Fiverr | Suspect is a bot traffic website

Traffic real from fiverr

Fiverr is very famous for real traffic services. But is that the real traffic?

I can confirm that more than 90% of the traffic is bot traffic, even though it is not bot traffic, you will not convert when buying these traffic.

Doubts prove Fiverr is bot traffic traffic

  • There are no conversions, even though freelances provide tens of thousands of hits per month
  • The prices are so cheap for the real traffic, real traffic is not that cheap
  • They can optimize real-time, bounce rate, country, time on site, optimize tracking software, etc. No one can designate users to do so (with the amount of traffic huge access)
  • There are always users complaining that they have no customers

However, these traffic still increase your rankings on both alexa and google serp. That’s clear because the metrics provide the same as real users. I still wouldn’t recommend using these traffic, your website will suffer in the long run.

Note: If you’ve decided to go with fiverr, choose sellers with more than a thousand good reviews, clear notes, quick and friendly responses.

Final advice when using bot traffic web

Still the same, I still advise you not to use web traffic bot. Despite being the best websites, you won’t get potential customers when using bot traffic. In the long run, the actions of bot traffic are repeated, Google can recognize and your website will be suspended

If the case you want to use to increase sales in a short time or too stuck in ranking, should note the following:

  • Do not use in parallel with google adsense, web traffic bot can claim they are safe with google adsense but they do not guarantee. Your website will be permanently suspended by google adsense.
  • It is advisable to change the settings regularly, avoiding repeating bot actions. You should only use it for 1 to 2 months, avoid depending on it.
  • Using bot traffic, stimulating to increase rankings, the amount is only 1/4 of the organic traffic. Meaning bot / real ratio = 20/80

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