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Best Free Web Hosting Sites

by Duc Nguyen
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Free hosting is becoming a hot topic, people like free and when it comes to Hosting, that’s the attraction. I have mentioned the best factors when choosing hosting provider, you also need to rely on these factors to find the best free web hosting sites.

There would be the thought of developing a core website with free web hosting, but this thought is extremely wrong. Why is that?

Even so, free web hosting will not be useless, they help us get acquainted with wordpress, build website, send business mail, SEO, … In addition you can also build satellite website by free web hosting.

Get a detailed look at the best free web hosting sites, do’s and don’ts with free web hosting.

Advantages and disadvantages when using Free web hosting


    1. You don’t need any cost to maintain your hosting plan. Everything is free
    2. Your website is maintained continuously
    3. Not constrained by Google’s algorithm (Google Sandbox)
    4. Easily build satellite websites, subdomains
    5. Get a free domain name (domain name that contains hosting provider’s trademark)


    1. Private domain names are not supported. Most cannot point own domain name to Free Hosting.
    2. Response time is extremely slow
    3. Extremely poor uptime
    4. You will not be assisted with anything technical
    5. Limited resources. Resources such as bandwidth, disk storage, databases, number of websites are limited.
    6. SSL certificate is not supported
    7. Ads from the hosting provider will continuously pop up (Hosting providers need to do this to stay active)
    8. Can not design website layout as you like
    9. Cannot redirect an individual page.

Top of Best Free Web Hosting Sites


Free web hosting site 000WebHost

000webhosting is a subsidiary of Hostinger, yet they act as an independent hosting provider. Hostinger has a slogan: “Zero cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel & no ads!”. In fact, they have a free hosting plan, with no ads, good response speed, but other factors are quite limited. In fact, 000webhost does not use ads, which will not disturb you during the experience. However, you won’t be using premium Cpanel, they will give you the hpanel board, which is more minimalistic than Cpanel.

Price $0.00
Storage 300 MB
Bandwidth 3GB
Own domain name Not included – You can add your own domain name is available
Sub-Domain Free (Domains with brand 000webhost)
Email No Email Account
Advertise No
Support No
Maximum number of websites 1 website
SSL certificate No
Backup No
Free site transfer No
Visit 000Webhost 000webhost.com

With this hosting package, 000Webhost allows you to install wordpress on their hosting. You can comfortably experience wordpress with this hosting package, this is also the biggest advantage when using free hosting from 000webhost

Overall, 000webhosting offers you a free hosting plan with the outstanding feature of no ads. With it is a free domain name but structured mydomain.000webhost.com, this is not a galangal domain name.

Other factors are limited. You will not get technical support if the website has problems, 3G bandwidth does not allow too high traffic, does not support email, … At first you will feel happy at no cost to own the hosting package. However, in the future, you will find it uncomfortable in terms of the experience.


Infinityfree free web hosting site

InfinityFree is a free web hosting provider that has been around for 8 years. They only have more than 300,000 customers, but the benefits of their hosting package are not inferior to any of the big free hosting companies.

Price$ 0.00
Own domain nameNot included – You can add your own domain name is available
Sub-DomainFree (domainname.infinityfree.com), Unlimited
EmailNot supported (requires upgrade)
Website BuilderSupports 15 applications including WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla …
SupportOnly support via forum
Maximum number of websites400
SSL certificateFree
Free site transferNo
Visit InfinityFreeinfinityfree.net

Among the best free web hosting sites I know, InfinityFree is possibly the best.. Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage drives, free SSL support, … these are pretty rare in a free hosting provider. In addition, InfinityFree also claims no ads.

However, you need to read the terms of use carefully. A lot of things you need to adhere to, otherwise InfinityFree will terminate your hosting plan.

Another highlight is that InfinityFree offers a Cpanel dashboard for easily managing your apps. Supports 15 applications including WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla… allow you to maximize your website as you like.

A fairly unfortunate limitation, you have to pay fees to use email, they have given up offering free Email. There’s no backup support or no technical support. You have to find support on their forum.


Best free web hosting awardspace site

AwardSpace was created in 2001, and now has 2.5 million members. AwardSpace offers a free hosting plan with many attractive features. Different from many other free hosting providers, they offer 24/7 live support

Price$ 0.00
Own domain nameFree
Sub-DomainFree (Contains awardspace in the domain name)
Email1 mail
Website BuilderOnly supports 5 pretty simple interfaces
Maximum number of websites4
SSL certificateNo
Free site transferNo
Visit Google Sitesawardspace.com

The next special thing about 24/7 live support is the awardspace that gives you a free domain name (domain.com). At the same time, there were 3 subdomains, in the domain that contained awardspace

A fairly simple CMS dashboard, only WordPress and Joomla. You install these 2 platforms with just 1 click. An email will also be supported for you.

Everything looks perfect, but pay attention to bandwidth and disk storage capacity. With only 5G bandwidth and 1G of disk space, You can hardly download a lot of images, media files or anything else. The number of monthly visitors will also be limited.

That said, awardspace is not a free option for long-term website development.


FreeHostia the best free web hosting sites

Freehostia is a hosting provider that has been in business since 2005. They offer a free hosting package, however does not include a domain name, you will have to purchase.

Price$ 0.00
Storage250 Mb
Bandwidth6 Gb
Own domain nameNo
Email3 mail
Website BuilderOnly supports 5 pretty simple interfaces
Maximum number of websites4
SSL certificateNo
Free site transferNo
Visit Google Sitesfreehostia.com

The special thing about Freehostia is that they offer 24/7 support. One thing that is uncommon in a free hosting provider. They also provide you with 3 emails and 5 domains on a website. You will have to purchase a domain name and you also do not have SSL support

However, when you look at disk storage and bandwidth, you will find extremely unhappy, they offer too little. You’ll be limited in monthly traffic with 6 Gb of bandwidth, and it is difficult to get media files with meager 250 Mb.


Hosting Free Wix

Wix is a famous website building platform, can be on par with wordpress. In addition, they also offer free hosting package, you can build a website without spending any money.

Price$ 0.00
Storage500 Mb
Bandwidth500 Mb
Own domain nameNo
Sub-DomainFree (domain name with brand Wix)
Email1 mail
Website BuilderMore than 100 different application templates with easy drag drop utility
Maximum number of websites4
SSL certificateYes
BackupYes, Daily backup
Free site transferNo
Visit Google Siteswix.com

Everything wix has to offer, with its free hosting plan, is great. 24/7 support, more than 100 different application templates with easy drag drop utility. A rare addition to a free hosting provider is daily backups, wix support free.

Despite its appeal, this is just the bait that leads you to upgrade your storage package. With 500 Mb of bandwidth and 500 Mb of disk space built up, you’ll be used up in no time. Limited monthly visitors, multimedia files will be difficult to upload to the website.


Hosting Free with wordpress

WordPress is open source that a lot of people love, more than 36 percent of the website currently loaded is based on the wordpress platform. In addition, they also provide a free hosting package to help you create a website without spending any money. You can also customize your website with the free themes wordpress offers.

Price$ 0.00
Storage3 Gb
Bandwidth3 Gb
Own domain nameNo
Sub-DomainFree (domain name containing wordpress)
Email1 mail
Website BuilderMore than 100 different application templates with easy drag drop utility
AdvertiseThere are advertisements
Maximum number of websites1
SSL certificateYes
Free site transferNo
Visit Google Siteswordpress.com

However, apart from the basic features, wordpress does not stand out. They have no support with the free plan, no Cpanel support, and also no data backup.

You also see wordpress offers only 3 Gb of bandwidth and 3 Gb of storage. This is too little, if you want to develop a website for a long time.


Free web hosting with weebly

Weebly is also one of the many platforms that offers a free hosting package. E-commerce is one of the main themes that make Weebly’s reputation. Founded in 2007 and up to now has supported more than 50 million websites around the world.

Price$ 0.00
Storage500 Mb
Own domain nameNo
Sub-DomainFree (Domain name with Weebly branding)
Email1 mail
Website BuilderComfortable, diverse page builder for you to choose from as you like.
SupportForum support, live chat and email support
Maximum number of websites1
SSL certificateYes, Free
Free site transferNo
Visit Google Sitesweebly.com

Weebly’s specialty is the free bandwidth, quite a few free hosting providers support this. Drag-and-drop are not inferior to wordpress and wix. They also provide technical support via forum, email and live chat.

Weebly’s drawback is that it only offers 500Mb of storage, you won’t create too much content. They also do not have data backup for you.

Some tips when developing website with free web hosting

When to use Free web hosting?

Beginners with the website

You do not know anything about the website, do not know anything about wordpress, you want to experience the related features. A free hosting plan and a free subdomain would be a good choice.

Build satellite website

You just need to build a few articles, a little content, create a website as usual. Add a link pointing back to the main website. Don’t need too many features, just make a satellite website.

Make money in a short time

If you have a plan to make money in a short time, a free website, free domain name, free hosting is appropriate. No need to pay monthly, with a small amount of content, a small amount of visitors, you are enough to have a decent revenue.

Write a diary

That’s exactly what I mean. You have no intention of making money with your website, you just want to write up your stories. No renewal, no fees, a great idea.

When should you not use Free Web Hosting?

There is no need to think about it too much. You want to make long-term money with a website, you want to develop your own services, you want to build a brand, … you shouldn’t use Free Web Hosting.

    • Less bandwidth and storage, limiting your content and audience
    • Website speed, uptime is not good
    • Not much support from the hosting provider
    • Interface is not beautiful, not appreciated by customers
    • Not good for SEO, the free customer opportunity isn’t there.
    • Many other limitations such as backup, email, SSL, …

All of these do not allow you to develop a long lasting, sustainable website and also cannot highlight your brand.

Final conclusion | Best free web hosting sites

Above are 7 of the best free web hosting sites and also the most popular. Select them and create a website that works best for you.

The advantages that web hosting sites are not so good but are reasonable with the free they offer. Depending on the purpose that you choose the appropriate hosting packages. Remember, developing a long-term website, free hosting package is not the right choice

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