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Daily Goodie Box Reviews

by Duc Nguyen
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The topic of today’s article is “Daily Goodie Box Reviews“. Would you like to know how the Daily Goodie Box works? What will you get by joining their program? Is it legal? Is it possible to make a lot of money from it?

In fact, Daily Goodie Box is one of the top brands with the theme ofGet paid for product testing“. But you cannot get rich with the Daily Goodie Box and also cannot get a steady income with it.

Why is that?

They will send you free products and it is your job to review them. The reward is also the product you get for evaluation. However, they don’t send you product consistently or you will do something new to get the reward. Let’s find out!

What is daily goodie box?

What is Daily Goodie Box

Daily goodie box is a transit station, it sends free products to you by mail. These products come from leading companies, brands in the food, health and beauty sectors

There is really nothing free, you need to make an evaluation of the products received. Then respond to the Daily goodie box, the Daily goodie box will send the feedback back to the company that makes the product. From there, companies will improve and develop products for the better.

How does daily goodie box work? How to get a daily goodie box?

According to information from the homepage of Daily Goodie Box, to test the product, you must go through 3 steps including “sign up, receive the box and give feedback”. But when I check their Fanpage, twitter and instagram, it’s not like that.

In my opinion, you need to do more than wait, their customers are too many and you need to take the initiative. Their working process will go through 5 steps and you need to follow 5 steps if you want to receive a free box.

Sign up as a member of the Daily Goodie Box

Regrettably, the Daily Goodie Box only allows US residents to join their program. The point is, everything has to be convenient for them to submit Products and take control of their program. Here is an objective review of someone who was not allowed to participate in the Daily Goodie Box, as I am not in the US. So I can hardly feel what their products are like.

Ok, you need to be a citizen of the United States of America. Then enter your name and email in the registration form.

Sign up for the Daily Goodie Box

The next job is to log into your account, then complete your profile. Remember, behind that are questions about your demographics, interests, behaviors … Please answer correctly, that will be the basis for the Daily Goodie Box to choose to send the box.

Follow Daily Goodie Box’s social pages

It seems that the Daily Goodie Box has very few test product updates on their homepage. On the contrary, pay close attention to their social media sites, the product testing offers that pop up every day.

Daily Goodie Box facebook page

User reviews Daily Goodie Box on facebook

Daily Goodie Box twitter page

Reviews on Daily Goodie Box on twitter

Daily Goodie Box instagram page

New article by Daily Goodie Box on Instagram

What’s the takeaway here?

As soon as you sign up for the Daily Goodie Box , you must follow their 3 social networking sites including facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, if it is suitable for the test product, please like and comment according to their instructions, a free box will come to you shortly.

Follow Messages Daily Goodie Box

Follow Messages Daily Goodie Box

Please note that while entering your account on the Daily Goodie Box, there will be messages appearing in the Messages Daily Goodie Box. Make sure you don’t miss any messages, it’s your chance to earn rewards, even cash.

Get the Daily Goodie Box

When you comment, comment heavily on their shows, combined with your demographics upon sign up, a daily box will be sent to your address by Daily Goodie Box. It’s free, you don’t need to enter payment cards, no need to pay any postage.

So what will you get in the daily box?

The bad thing is I am not a US citizen, so I cannot feel the products inside the box everyday. But if you keep an eye on the Daily Goodie Box newsletters on their social networks and websites, you can easily see what’s inside the free box. Most of them are snacks, foods, beauty products and health care products.

Give your thoughts and feedback with Daily Goodie Box

Your last job is to make a review of the received product and give feedback to the manufacturer. An email will be sent and remind you to do so. This review will be done via the Daily Goodie Box website.

This evaluation will help the manufacturer to come up with options to improve the product. Of course, you can also get products and don’t need reviews. But you will not receive the product in the future for their purpose of submitting the product expecting to receive a response from you. Generally speaking, there is no free party.

Is daily goodie box legit?

Daily Goodie Box has nearly 350,000 followers on fanpage

Number of followers Daily Goodie Box on fanpage.

On Twitter, they have nearly 9500 followers

Number of followers Daily Goodie Box on twitter

On the instagram, the number of followers even reached 54,000.

Number of followers Daily Goodie on Instagram

DaiLy Goodie Box receives 4.9 stars with over 1000 excellent reviews on Trustpilot

DaiLy Goodie Box received 1000 excellent reviews on Trustpilot

Through the above evidence shows what? Daily Goodie Box is completely legal and you can rest assured about their show.

Is the Daily goodie box free?

According to the statement on the Daily Goodie Box’s intro page, the daily boxes are 100% free. This free also includes shipping costs, you do not need to add payment information or anything else.

Daily Goodie Box free box statement

Also, tens of thousands of people are joining the Daily Goodie Box and they’ve received the product, it’s free. Add an affirmation with the reviews on Sitejabber

Daily Goodie Box is completely free

Daily goodie box reviews: should I join?

Of course, you should join the Daily Goodie Box if you are a US citizen. It’s fun to get a free gift box every morning.
Note, this program cannot get rich and do not expect to get rich with it. It’s for people who like to experiment with products and find life’s joy.

Daily Goodie Box program will be selected at random. If you want to receive products continuously, you have to follow and comment when they have a new product you want to test.

Again, my Daily Goodie Box reviews are objective and draw from the many reviews of users. I have never received a daily free box because I am not a US citizen.

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