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Get paid for product testing

by Duc Nguyen
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You can test quality products from famous brands. This is really a job that can make you money and of course, you absolutely can keep that product. Get paid for product testing!

Really? How much money can I make from product testing? What I have to do? Which sites allow me to participate in making money with product testing?

Next in my series of 100+ ways to make money online, here is a pretty detailed article about making money online with product testing. Come on, let’s see how this job!

What is product testing?

Pre-release, pre-market products need to be put into the testing phase. Businesses need to know if a product is good or bad? What is the user’s opinion? Will the product be scalable? Is it up to the original standard? …

Product testing is the process of gathering feedback directly from customers, from testers. Businesses can implement the product testing process by: test ads, test emails, send free products and receive reviews from users …

What is product testing

Products can be software, consumer goods, short-term products, long-term products, … all products can be included in the testing process. As long as the product testing process, businesses will receive customer comments, important reviews, weaknesses and strengths of the product.

Why do businesses need to test products?

    • Easily measure product properties and specifications.

For example aging, how long will it expire, or how often errors will occur, are product dimensions and ingredients correct? Determine whether the specification, regulation or contract requirements are being met

    • The product whether on the right track yet
    • Compare with a competitor’s product. From there, draw the weaknesses and strengths of the product
    • Determine your target audience.

Based on the testers, you can determine their demographics, interests, and behaviors. From there determine the target audience that you want to target

    • Shaping future costs when releasing products
    • Provide evidence of legal procedures, patents, copyright products …

And most importantly, the product did not perform well, did not meet the expectations of customers, did not meet the promised standards … If so, the business would completely fail, lose loyal customers, do Reputation damages and of course, declining or no returns.

Product test deployment process

Determine the evaluation aspect

First you need to define the criteria of the product that you need to evaluate. Those criteria depend on your goal in product testing. In addition, you also need to set up a set of standards to compare with the evaluation criteria.

Plan to test your product

This is when you plan to implement the product testing process. A good plan will save you time, shorten the road, and find out your product’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • What ways do you use product testing?
  • What are your goals when testing your product? (market, audience, customers, …)
  • What standards are used to evaluate products?
  • Estimated costs for trials …

After planning, you need to adhere to it to arrive at the most accurate results.

Product testing

Once you’ve fully planned it out, it’s time to run your product testing. Follow the steps in the plan. The testing process will happen continuously and the feedback from the reviewer is constantly popping up.

As a business, you will screen, evaluate, review the reviews of test participants. Compare with the standards in the plan to create the most accurate report.

Give result

For each company, the timing of reporting product testing results is also different. In addition, this also depends on the time the tester’s evaluation is completed.

Product test deployment process

Synthesize feedback from testers, review and comparison with original product benchmarks. When you find an error, you need to find the cause and resolve it immediately. After fixing bugs, continue to submit reviews until the products meet all of the standards.

How do you become product tester?

Businesses that offer product testing programs need experienced people to test their products. That is, you have ever used similar product. Or are you knowledgeable about the range of products they want to test.

In addition, they consider your demographics like the right age group, the right gender, the right location, and more. To be accepted as a tester, it’s like a lottery game, very difficult.

  • Step 1: Select and register a market research company, provide home product testing service

You should choose many companies because it is not sure that their products are right for you and they will not agree to let you be a tester

  • Step 2: After signing up, you will receive an email sent to, fill out the form and send it back. The business will review your sample and evaluate if you are eligible.

If you have used the product or understood it, they will immediately agree. In addition, demographics is also a very important factor for them to choose you.

  • Step 3: Announce your location for them to submit a test product.

With software releases, digital products are not that worrying. But for physical products, if you are too far from their dealership to be accepted for testing, you need to prove that you are the one who truly understands. product evaluation standards

  • Step 4: Receive the product and complete the assessments according to the standards given by the business.

Remember, the more detailed you evaluate, the more accurate you can get the trust from the business. I think they’ll continue to work with you.

  • Step 5: Receive money after completing the assessment.

Get paid for product testing? Is that true or not?

Companies will send you products for testing, maybe you will test at home or go to the company for testing. Test products can be software or physical products, consumer products …

Do you get paid for testing products

After completing the product trial, you can receive the product as a gift from them. Or you can get cash for product testing.

With a cash bonus, the amount received will depend on the company’s regulations and on the type of product. Usually it is in the range of 5 – 300 $ for a test. And with retained products, you can resell them for a discount when the product is released

What types of products are subject to product testing?

Electronic Product Inspection Job

The job is for electronic engineers who are familiar with machinery and electronic equipment. The main products of this work are TVs, cell phones, computers, digital cameras, and electronic accessories…

Consumer Product Testing Work

Consumer products are end-use products that people use and stop using. Everyone who has used the product can participate in the test. The products could be food, drinks, …

Testing health & beauty products

It could be skin care products, hair care, functional foods … With these everyday products, anyone can experiment.

Testers cosmetic products

Cosmetics are becoming extremely hot in the market and the demand for product testing is also very high. Products such as lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, cheek powder … Usually, women are suitable as testers. 

Video game testers work

For video game products the test placement is flexible and you can test anywhere. The job is for those who love to play games, enjoy the game experience. They will play and detect bugs in video games.

Testing Websites

When a website is unstable, slow to load, badly designed, … you will lose customers, if anyone wants to. Losing a customer is losing money, which is also the reason why companies pay for an objective review.

These reviews are for everyone, if you have a good computer or a phone that surf the web, fast and understand English, you can completely participate in website testing.

Product testing tips

Limit of participants

I bet when you choose product for test, you only have a very small percentage to be picked. Before launching their pilot program, businesses have developed a plan for this trial.

And of course, the cost of the test is also taken into account and it is limited. The number of subscribers is large, but the cost of a product testing is not much.

There is always a race held for product testing work. This is probably another direction, helping you to earn more rewards because the rewards from the races are quite large. 

Always keep an eye on businesses that offer product testing

When there is a trial going on, businesses will post it everywhere and especially their social media sites. Stay tuned for businesses that offer bonus product testing. Since the number is limited, so the earlier you catch it, the more opportunities you have to participate in the trial and receive more rewards.

In addition, businesses also regularly send product test notices via email. Regularly following email newsletters is another way to increase your chances of participating in the experiment.

Become a product testing expert

It is very tiring if you are constantly searching for products and waiting for businesses to respond. Why not let businesses contact you?

Become an expert in product testing. Many famous businesses will know and contact you on their own, get early product test notifications, make more money for tests …

So how to become an expert in product testing?

Starting with a personal blog, blogging can help you become an expert and more. Build and develop a blog with product-related content, product testing and testing experience, product evaluation standards … As the blog has grown and been noticed by many people, here It’s time to send an offer to businesses. For the most part, they will gladly accept you. Remember, find a niche that matches the product you like.

However, the matter of time is a problem. You need time for your blog to rank, time for people to see you as an expert. If you’ve been fond of and addicted to testing the product, I don’t think it will be difficult for you.

Resources: If you do not know how to blog, you can refer to my pretty detailed article “How to start a wordpress blog?

Choose the product you like

This job is intended for product addicts. Since these products are the ones they like, so it’s easier to choose the one you like, you’ve ever used.

Something deep in your mind, you do your best for what you like, the product is the same. In addition, the products you use often, it will be very easy for you to rate them.

Pursuit to the end

In life, perseverance helps you get more success. The same goes for product testing, you need to chase it to the end to get what you want.

No business will notice you if you only consider them to be passersby, only interested in the reward of the product without paying attention to them. When you register products repeatedly, businesses will know that you are very interested in the product, very interested in their business. A test will be sent to you shortly.

Websites that pay you for product testing

Daily Goodie Box

Get paid to test products of the Daily Goodie Box

You will become a member of Daily Goodie Box completely free. They will send you a free box, you just need to submit your thoughts and reviews on the products they send to.

  • Products: consumer products, health care products, fast food, cosmetics …
  • Reward: It is the product they sent via the Goodie box
  • Scope of application: United States

Product Testing USA

Product Testing with Product Testing Usa

With Product Testing USA, you just need to choose a product, get the necessary information, wait for them to approve. If you are lucky, you will be chosen by them as a tester. They offer you their products for free, so you don’t have to worry about entry fees.

  • Products: Technology products, beauty, fashion, pets, games … almost everything.
  • Reward: It is the product you tested
  • Scope of application: Worldwide, but preferably UK, United States and Australia

Vindale Research

Product testing with Vindale Research

Research, development Vindale mainly compensation surveys. You can also sign up as a product tester at Vindale Research. They pay a cash bonus and you can give them a request to keep the product

  • Products: Consumer goods, health care products
  • Reward: Pay a maximum of $ 50 for one product testing
  • Scope of application: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia


Product testing with Pinchme

Similar to the Daily Goodie Box, pinchme also offers free boxes to their members. You can keep the product for free, in return you leave a review for the pinchme of the product you get.

  • Products: Skin care products, functional foods, pet food, consumer goods …
  • Reward: It is the product they sent via the Pinchme box
  • Scope of application: PINCHme only ships to the 48 contiguous states in America but not to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Canada or internationally.


Unlike other product testing websites, UserTesting focuses on digital businesses. And you will make money by testing websites or digital apps.

Product testing with UserTesting

As I mentioned, website testing or application does not require a professional knowledge. UserTesting accepts 99% of all people.

  • Products: Test website and digital applications
  • Reward: Top 20 $ for one test and paid after 7 days through papal
  • Scope of application: All over the world


Similar to UserTesting, the BetaTesting website is also a website that connects digital businesses. You will test the apps, the website, the hardware. Then give your comments about the product you are testing.

Test the product with BetaTesting

Currently this site has more than 200,000 members. Each month you will have 0 – 5 opportunities to experiment, this depends on your learning curve.

  • Products: Test website and digital applications
  • Reward: They will pay between $ 10 and $ 20 for each survey. The money will be transferred to you via the papal after 7 days of the test
  • Scope of application: All over the world


BzzAgent is a product testing and testing site similar to Daily Goodie Box, but it’s quite young. Just register, you will be a member of BzzAgent.

Product testing with Bzzagent

BzzAgent products will be delivered to your residence. You have 8 weeks to complete the trial and submit feedback to BzzAgent

  • Products: consumer goods, toiletries, cosmetics, home appliances, …
  • Reward: It is the product you tested
  • Scope of application: USA, Canada, or the UK


Influenster has Voxboxes, your job is to receive these Voxboxes, test them and fight against the Influenster. How to get VoxBox:

  1. Download the Influenster app
  2. Fill out information in the profile
  3. Answer quick questions snaps from Influenster
  4. Connect your social networks with Influenster and follow them
  5. Fill out your self-assessment profile. This will help them understand you before sending the products to you for testing
Product testing with Influenster

Influenster is affiliated with major brands such as L’Oréal, Kat Von D, BECCA Cosmetics, and Maybelline, and food companies such as Pure Leaf, Hershey’s, Sour Patch, and Hellman’s. This increases your chances of exposure to famous brands.

  • Products: Healthcare products, cosmetics, …
  • Reward: It is the product you tested
  • Scope of application: All over the world


Test the product with Crowdville

Get paid for testing digital products. That’s what it is when you sign up with Crowdville. Test digital apps, website, phone app … then respond to Crowdville. It is a great product test site, but the testing is not continuous.

  • Products: Test website, test digital apps, apps on phone …
  • Reward: There are many different payments, the highest for a trial is 90 euros
  • Scope of application: All over the world

Final conclusion

Companies’ product testing is always on top. One way or another, they want their product to be the best before it goes public. Pay people who understand their product, have used the product, get feedback from testers, and improve product quality. Businesses perfect products, and in return, product testers receive a reward from that trial.

This is a job for product addicts. There are many people in the world who do this and the competition is inevitable. Companies only set aside a fixed amount to keep product testing running.

Get paid for product testing! How do you be chosen for the test? You must understand the nature, understand the product testing process and you must understand the product you choose.

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