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How to choose a web hosting provider?

by Duc Nguyen
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Choose the best hosting provider is one of the first steps when building a website. Your website will operate stably, load fast, be less attacked by malicious elements, … On the contrary, if you choose a poor quality hosting provider, then the bad thing will be. So, how to choose a web hosting provider?

Let’s look at a few of the factors the hosting provider has to offer, along with consulting the opinions of the people who already use it. In my article today, will be the 19 most prominent factors, perhaps a part will help you in choosing a good hosting for yourself.

Customer’s feedback – The most important factor in how to choose a web hosting provider

Before I buy anything, I look at reviews from people who have used the product. Hosting is the same, it is extremely important for future website building, so thoroughness is essential.

Trustpilot is a website that allows users to rate a business, whose reviews are its customers. I trust their opinions very much.

User rating of the hosting provider

If you want to know if that hosting provider is qualified, check out the review on trustpilot. From the perceptions of hosting prices, staff support, the stability of hosting, the refund policy …. customers always have comments on them.

This is an important factor to consider before making a hosting decision. In my opinion, reviewing customer reviews is the first of the factors that I give.

Average Uptime

Average Uptime is the average amount of time your website has been active over a given period of time. It greatly affects the user experience. Decide whether you can sell a product or not, or whether your website gets a lot of traffic.

Uptime is not stable, sometimes users can access, sometimes not. This would be really bad and make the user experience bad. When the psychology of users is disgusted and feels lost of time, trust … You, your business will lose revenue, lose customers, …

statistics Average Uptime of the prominent hosting providers

On the pingdom statistics Average Uptime of the prominent hosting providers. If you want to see if their average uptime is stable, this will be a place to help you gauge how good and bad a web hosting provider is.

Response time

The response time is the amount of time it takes to respond to a service request such as full page load, data query, etc. A hosting provider has poor response times. This is very bad, your site loading will be very slow.

Indeed, according to an article by Neil Patel, a 1 second delay in page response can lead to a 7% decrease in conversions

Something bad happens when you buy the hosting of a web hosting provider with low response times.

    • Not good for SEO, affecting your search engine rankings on google
    • In the cost of advertising, when users visit the website, they see slow loading, they will leave immediately. However, the cost from your ad is still charged.
    • Can’t keep customers
    • Reduces conversion rates
    • Poor user experience.

How can you check the response time? You can check on Pingdom like an uptime check. You can check with bitcatcha too, which is good!

Check response time on BitCatCha

Pricing and renewal

The price of the service package is always a matter of debate between users and hosting providers. You may have noticed that prices at the beginning are usually cheap, and when renewed, they are much higher. It is a promotion and you should get used to it.

Price of hosting packages when starting and when renewing.

If you are a beginner, you should choose a provider with a cheap service plan, which will be good for you when testing. But when you have decided to develop a long-term website, you should pay attention to the hosting provider’s services. However, you still have to pay attention to the service charges involved, because you will lose money on an unnecessary amount of service somewhere.

My best advice

  • Financial considerations in your pocket
  • Plan for 1 year, 2 years or more
  • Consider the starting price and the price on renewal
  • Consider additional service charges such as email, SSL, web transfer fees…. better should choose hosting provider that supports the above factors for free.
  • Consider the services that will arise during website development, from for you can choose more premium packages.

Free domain

Often a user, or even myself, will prefer a hosting provider that offers free domain registration when purchasing hosting plans. After 1 year, they will renew the domain name for the original fee. This is also something you should consider, but it doesn’t judge whether the hosting provider is good or not. This is simply a sales strategy.

How to choose a web hosting provider with free domain

Alternatively, you can also choose from a number of free web hosting sites that support free lifetime domains. However, the domain name will contain the name of the hosting provider you purchased.

Free domain from 000webhost

Advice, you should only choose free domain name if building satellite or if you want to experiment. Because this type of domain name does not speak to your personal brand.

Bandwidth and Disk space storage

Bandwidth is the amount of data that a website can provide to visitors over a given period of time. The higher the bandwidth, the better and the fact that it is easy to see, this is quite an important factor, evaluating a good web hosting provider’s support service.

How to choose a web hosting provider with unlimited bandwidth

Currently most hosting providers will support unlimited bandwidth. However, you need to pay attention, if they let the limit, you should consider deciding to buy your hosting. It will affect the number of users to visit later and force you to spend cost to upgrade service pack.

Similar to bandwidth, storage also needs a lot, it allows you to store documents, images, videos … The higher the capacity, the better and you should choose the provider that supports the high capacity, which will be good for you

SSL certificate

Free SSL support is a trend and you need to choose a hosting provider that supports free SSL. Without support, it can be very annoying to have to install it yourself and it will take a lot of time.

Free SSL certificate supported

SSL certificates help secure and add trust to your website. It creates a padlock in front of your domain name. Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt are two pretty prominent certificates at the moment.

Refund Policy

A good hosting provider is required to have a refund policy. If you don’t see them mention it then you should leave the service provider.

Usually the refund policy will be between 30 and 60 days, depending on the hosting provider. During that time, you will have time to test, evaluate, feel and consider whether it is suitable for your website development plan or not.

Refund Policy of a Web Hosting Provider

If not, ask them for a refund and then you can get your money back. A hosting provider gets too much refund, which also proves their service is too poor and bad.


Your data will sometimes be lost due to a mistake or a hacker infiltrates … it comes unexpectedly. Therefore, you need to make a backup of the website data, but you don’t have to do it every day. You need to choose a storage service provider that assists you with daily data backup.

Backup data assessment service provider hosting

Continuous backup support is becoming a trend, and an important factor for choosing hosting service providers. If your service provider does not support continuous backups, you should consider buying their hosting or not.


There are many risks that your website will be attacked: from hackers, from malicious sources on the network, data theft, customer information theft, DDoS attacks … Good hosting service will keep your data safe.

Consider the security level

The evaluation factors you can refer to:

  • Constantly updating the server software
  • Must actively patch holes
  • Automatic provisioning or the choice of updating content management software must be provided
  • You should consider whether the company is using a surveillance system and preventing bad access or trying to hack your website
  • Companies that support Web Application Firewall (WAF) are great


An extremely important factor is the support from the hosting provider. Your website is running continuously and you need to be supported at any time if the website goes down.

Consider features for hosting service provider support

Some of the factors you need to consider are:

  • Forms of support: live chat, direct phone calls, email support, … are almost required
  • The response time is fast or slow. They respond too slowly, which means they don’t care about the customer. You must understand the continuity of the website and the impact when the website goes down.
  • Service attitude. A weakness from the hosting provider when the support staff’s attitude is not good
  • Level of understanding. An advice, problem solving, expert advice, … everything has to be met when you apply for support.

A support worker is ignorant or lacking in knowledge, which will take you a lot of time and get confused very easily. Easy to understand, when the website has problems, myself too, sometimes confused and still very frustrated with the support of the staff.

Unlimited or free email accounts

Email allows you to take care of your customers, it represents your brand. There will be a reduced cost to maintain if the hosting provider provides free support.

In addition, as the number of emails sent and subscribers will increase, email storage capacity will be very important. Personally, I don’t like the time it takes to upgrade and renew storage, so having an unlimited email support plan would be great.

Unlimited email storage

You know the email blast and email marketing strategy? Many providers support email for free, but not email bursts. This is extremely lousy and you should consider it more.

Free site transfer

This happens when you want to move your website from the old hosting to the new hosting. This means that you will be changing hosting providers. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your old hosting provider or want to move to a better place.

Free website migration on a2 hosting

Most hosting providers will be free for this. However, there are still some that will charge a travel fee and you need to consider it carefully before making a decision.

Control panel availability.

A great theme will be the place to manage all your apps. This is the gathering place for email, SSL, wordpress, Joomla … Most hosting providers will use Cpanel as their dashboard. It is quite simple and easy to manage.

Stablehost's Cpanel dashboard

However, many hosting providers want something of their own. They designed an intuitive dashboard. Of course, there will be a variety of user opinions about this.

CDN available

Using the CDN content distribution network reduces latency by saving a copy of static content within the website, and then distributing it to other servers.

Free CDN from SiteGround

There are many hosting providers that support CDNs, but it comes at a cost. If you don’t like this, you can opt for Cloudflare’s CDN, which is free.

Install WordPress with one click

This means that WordPress is available on the hosting provider’s dashboard. And you just need one click, the software will automatically install for you. No need to waste effort downloading wordpress file and installing it manually anymore.

Most service providers have integrated this. However, you also need to pay attention. If they do not have this feature, you will spend a lot of time installing, not to mention having to ask everywhere.

Data center location

Data is transmitted over the Internet through a cable network, the longer the distance, the longer it will take for data transmission. For example, if your visitors are in the US, if the data server is in the US, the time to load and access the website will be faster than if you put the server in Tokyo.

data center from TMDhosting

The problem is quite simple to solve. Select the data center as close as possible. And a good data provider will have multiple data storage centers serving different continents.

Age of hosting provider

Would you dare to buy a hosting plan from a young carrier? I think not, if you buy, the referrer or the service provider must have a very high reputation.

Just a small detail, but it’s worth your review and review of web hosting provider. Speaking of age, it is necessary to mention the experience in handling service errors and customer care, the stability of the service from time to time, …

Final Conclusion | How to choose a hosting provider?

First, go to web hosting provider’s homepage and see what they offer you in the package. Compare with the factors that I give.

Also, plan your website development first, then see if the hosting packages meet your requirements. Like email for a blast, number of monthly customers, how long do you develop your website …

When everything is fine, it’s time to go up to Trustpilot and see if they satisfy their customers. If there are many bad reviews, then it’s better to break up with that service provider.

Have you found the best service provider for you? If not, read my article “best hosting providers” to find yourself a suitable hosting provider. They are highly regarded by their customers on trustpilot. So, please rest assured about the quality of service and their support.

If you still have an important element, please comment below. I will include it in “How to choose a web hosting provider?”. Everyone will have a repository of documents so that people can evaluate and choose the best hosting provider for them.

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