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How to start a wordpress blog?

by Duc Nguyen
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How to start a wordpress blog?

In fact, my professional job is affiliate marketer and SEO, but I completely create a website, a blog. WordPress! Exactly so, I do not know the code, do not understand much about it but wordpress helps me get what I want.

So why should you design a blog using wordpress platform:

  • WordPress is a free platform
  • More than 35% of websites in the world use wordpress
  • Easy to use, designed as you like
  • Strong support community, I’m talking about tutorial blogs, question and answer groups on major social channels
  • WordPress takes security very seriously
  • SEO friendly and better with the support of SEO plugins especially Yoast Seo
a wordpress blog

In my article, the most comprehensive, create a complete blog using wordpress. What is that?

      • My steps to create a complete blog
      • How to publish your blog in a variety of ways
      • And you need to determine the exact direction for your blog.

Here are the most complete steps

Step 1: How to start a wordpress blog? Choose the right niche

When you create a blog, there will be more people following your page, the blog will attract a large audience. But what is your purpose when creating a blog?

Please answer this question before creating a blog.

Resources: 25 biggest benefits of blogging for individuals and businesses

You just started making money online, you do not have a lot of fame and many followers. That makes you unable to choose a large, generic online money-making line … so you will prolong time without making money and go nowhere.

You need to narrow the scope of your goals or in other words find a niche. So how do you choose the most profitable niche? Answer questions like:

    • What are your talents and skills? I am talking about what you do best
    • What work do you love to do? It will be related to your talents and skills
    • What is your favorite field?
    • Should we choose a product that is easy to sell, less competitive?
    • Who is your target audience and what do they need?
    • What will the audience pay for from you?
    • Does the topic you choose compete against?  Estimate your competition or you will be in a quagmire! If you want to compete with competitors, create a novelty and useful.
    • What future profit does the niche give you?
    • Should you re-examine your idea of ​​making money? How to test?  Create a landing page, run google ads, analyze user behavior for your niche

Step 2: Buy a domain name and choose the best hosting provider

Buy a domain name

Domain name is the website address, it appears in the browser bar to access a website. In fact, a website address is an IP series consisting of many complicated numbers, the domain name is what is used to replace that sequence of numbers.

How to start a wordpress blog with a domain name

For example is the address of my website, and affiliatedollar.net is the alternate name. When building a website, you need to buy a domain name and I have 3 options.

Buy domain name on godaddy

Godaddy is the number one domain name provider in the world, recognized by ICANN. Having more than 20 million customers and more than 80 million domain names, that’s a staggering number.

Number of names free Godaddy owns

If you want to develop a long-term website and build a strong online brand, the domain name from godaddy will be your top priority. However, godaddy’s hosting is pretty bad, so with godaddy, I just type it intentionally on the domain name.

But pointing the domain name from godaddy to the host takes a few small steps. If you are lazy to point out the domain name, then you can choose the second option.

Purchase your domain name directly from your data hosting provider

For convenience and without wasting the effort of pointing domain names to hosting, hosting providers will also provide domain name services. Although the degree of domain name management cannot be equal to godaddy, but this is also a very good choice for you.

Some hosting providers will bundle the domain name, while others will give you a free domain name. With premium hosting packages, most of them are free.

Not much different from godaddy, less time and effort, free anymore, domain name and hosting point to each other with just one click. The choice is yours.

Use a Free domain name

Free domain name, for those who want to get started and experiment with the website. It’s not for personal branding, if you’re branding, that’s a bad thing.

The domain name you set up will contain the brand name of the domain name registrar. Also the bundled service is not available. If you want to experiment with a website then this is the choice for you.

Also, only free hosting providers create these domain names. You cannot transfer this free domain name to another hosting

000wehost, a subsidiary of hostinger, offers a free and free hosting plan with the 000wehosst domain name. If you want to experiment with wordpress, this will be a great choice.

Choose the best web hosting provider

A good hosting provider will help you:

    • Guaranteed security, malicious code pages, hackers, Ddos attacks …
    • Website works stably and improves page load times
    • Great support to help you resolve host errors
    • Support email, SSL, website migration, …
    • Bandwidth, unlimited storage, keeps you from being limited by users and content
    • Daily backup of data to avoid unexpected data loss.
    • Refunds when the service doesn’t meet your needs ….

You want your website to have the best support from your hosting provider, continuous uptime without interruptions, fast page loading speed, daily backup, good security, …. A good hosting provider is extremely essential.

However, you are not familiar with wordpress, unfamiliar with the utilities related to the website, you want to try your creativity and writing ability. Experiment with the best free web hosting sites. That will be great support for you. But should not develop for long with free hosting.

Step 3: Point the domain name at Hosting

If you buy a hosting package that supports Free domain names, or you buy a domain name on the hosting you are using, I will not mention it. They have guided you well and you just need to follow the instructions.

But if you want to use Godaddy’s domain name, Godaddy’s hosting is bad. You need to use a better hosting.

See the guide to pointing domains on godaddy about hosting by StableHost. Other hosting providers, you do the same.

      • ns1.stablehost.com
      • ns2.stablehost.com

Step 4: Get familiar with and install the essentials on Cpanel

In the article “how to start a wordpress blog?” I will still use StableHost as an example. They support premium Cpanel and you can get started with it.

Here is a video to guide you about Cpanel, how to install and important applications in Cpanel., Install wordpress with Cpanel, …

Step 5: Select and install the WordPress Theme

Do you remember step 1?

The choice of WordPress theme will depend on the original purpose of your blog creation.

On wordpress there is a free theme to choose from, but it’s ugly, bad and doesn’t have much support. Go out and buy a theme to your liking. You are building your own home so the decision will depend entirely on you

Someone will hire the code and design the theme at their disposal, for the simple reason that there is nothing they like out there.

Of course on Themeforest or Mythemeshop there is nothing missing.
In the process of blog development, you can easily change your theme. But I recommend you limit, the user will be stunned and the rate you lose them will be high.

download the Flatsome theme

Ok, got it I will download the Flatsome theme in the theme settings interface

Wait to upload and install the theme.

install the theme Flatsome

Step 6: Select and install wordpress plugin

If the theme is the beauty of a blog, the plugin is the foundation of a blog.

What do you need for a blog?

    • A beautiful typing interface
    • High security
    • A call button
    • Speed up website
    • Share social networks, send mail….
    • SEO support….

And now how to install a plugin. Of course there will be plugins available on wordpress and plugins you have to buy to install similar themes.

Sellect and install plugin

Step 7: Set up wordpress

General setting

Go to Setting >>> General. Depending on the countries you aim to make a blog, you set the time zone appropriately.

General setting wordpress

Set up WordPress admin email

You should create a professional email, not a personal email. And stablehost will support you for free. 

Set up WordPress admin email

With infinite storage capacity.

With infinite storage capacity.

Reading setting

Go to Setting >>> Reading.

Should choose a home page is a static page. That would be good for you, good for SEO because its static page is fixed

To google the blog index, you need to uncheck and allow google to crawl the website

Reading setting

Permalink setting

Go to Setting >>> Permalink

Choose postname. This will keep the links nice and friendly with google and users. It looks good for SEO

Permalink setting

Ok! Everything is ready!

The rest of the work is yours. What is that?

Write articles and promote the blog so people can know your blog. I will solve it. Don’t worry!

Step 8: How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

1 – Website speed

Users log onto your website, learn to load slowly, and what happens after that? Yes! They leave and do not look back. Too bad is not it!

According to a statistic on the website of Neil Patel

  • 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load.
  • 51% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error.
  • 38% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that wasn’t available.
  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

2 – A title – An impressive meta description

Users search on google, they will decide when to see your page?

The title that addresses their search intent is what I mean. Next is the description below.

A title - An impressive meta description

3 – Create a useful content

Content is what you will write most on your blog. Or maybe less if you solve the user intent

The number of blogs is constantly increasing. Duplicate content, keyword stuffing content, and low quality content won’t help. Users don’t like it and google doesn’t like it.

So how to know user intent like?

4 – Keyword research

Keyword research! Oh of course, you have to research keywords before writing articles.

These keyword research tools will help you, they list the keywords that users type on google in 3 months, 6 months or 1 year back.

Google still and will be using keywords to evaluate a blog, a website. Please use keywords but not over-optimized. To me, telling a story revolves around the keywords that users are interested in. It would be great!

In addition, you should also use keywords related to the target keyword, sprinkle them all in the article, which is very useful and meaningful.

Research keyword blogging

5 – Add multimedia content

I mean photos and videos. People like real, vivid and beautiful things. Images, videos, infographics … that’s the trend

Add multimedia content

6 – Integrating social networks into blogs.

People find your article great, they will share and talk about it. Google likes that and of course, so are the shared people.

Put social networks into posts

7 – Add links in the article.

In the article should have internal links, they link the page stretch of your blog together. Good for SEO, users need things that answer their questions and google appreciates that relevance.

And link to a reputable external site, sure. That shapes your article and credibility.

Link on blog

8 – Use reasonable Heading tags

Headings range from H1 to H6 sorted in descending order of priority. They complement each other and explain the meaning of the text in the article.

Google and users can easily understand your content. That is good for SEO

heading tag

Step 9: Promote the blog to the world

Email marketing

Email is an extremely professional marketing medium. People expect to receive information about products and services via email.

Imagine you are making a funnel. You use different ways to get people in. But what will you do to hold them back? Email is the best way to solve this problem.

Share social networks – Social marketing

The most crowded places are where you promote your blog best. Social networks are such places.

  • What you should do first – Put social sharing buttons on your blog. If interesting, readers will not hesitate to share it on their social networking site.
  • You need a social networking site for people to follow, a social media marketing strategy will be essential. It will attract more people to you. At the same time, you will build a sustainable brand on the internet thanks to these social networks.

Search engine optimization for your blog | SEO

SEO is not free, does not cost money to implement. On the contrary, you will lose a lot of money and time to implement it.

The huge benefits that it brings, the benefits you need to achieve.

  • Understand user intent and bring huge numbers of users to the blog.
  • Create a sustainable brand, many people will mention your blog
  • Make a better blog, easier to understand before google and users.

Advertising | Paying for the giant

Advertising is the fastest way to get traffic to your website. At the same time, you can categorize user behaviors and interests, thereby directing your audience.

Currently, each social media channel has a form of advertising. Targeting and budgeting for best results.

How to start a wordpress blog? | Final conclusion

The above are the most basic steps to help you know “how to start a wordpress blog?”. The main content of the article includes:
  • # Step 1: How to start a wordpress blog? Choose the right niche
  • # Step 2: Buy a domain name and hosting package
  • # Step 3: Step 3: Point the domain name at Hosting
  • # Step 4: Get familiar with and install the essentials on Cpanel
  • # Step 5: Select and install the WordPress Theme
  • # Step 6: Select and install wordpress plugin
  • # Step 7: Set up wordpress
  • # Step 8: How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google
  • # Step 9: Promote the blog to the world
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me by email.

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