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Is DreamHost good?

by Duc Nguyen
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There is always a transparency in the pricing of hosting plans, no increase in price when renewing service plans. Of the website hosting providers, they offer 97 days money back guarantee, the longest period of time. I am talking about DreamHost, is DreamHost good? Is DreamHost the ideal service provider?

Choosing a hosting provider is very important when you want to build a website. It affects uptime, page load speed, data backup, website security, service provider support, … In the article “How to choose a web hosting provider? “I have mentioned quite in detail on these factors. Is DreamHost a fulcrum for you to develop your brand or not?

What is Dreamhost?

What is Dreamhost, Is that good

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider based in Los Angeles, USA. Founded in 1996 by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil, they are college students at Harvey Mudd University in Claremont, California. Currently Dreamhost is hosting more than 1.5 million websites since 1996

When it comes to DreamHost, people will think of the hosting provider that has the most affordable monthly plans. Why so? Let’s see the DreamHost service packages right below

DreamHost hosting package pricing review

DreamHost offers 5 hosting packages including: Shared Website Hosting, VPS Hosting Plans, Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

      1. Shared hosting starting at $ 2.59 / mo (3 year plan)
      2. Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $ 2.59 / mo (3 year plan)
      3. VPS Hosting starting at $ 10.00 / mo (3 year plan)
      4. Dedicated Server Hosting starting at $ 149 / mo
      5. Cloud Hosting (Contact DreamHost separately)

A special feature about DreamHost is that there is no initial promotion like other service providers, but their monthly prices are not increased and very cheap compared to other service providers.

DreamHost’s data center location

DreamHost has data storage centers in four US regions, Ashburn Virginia and Hillsboro Oregon. DreamHost’s headquarters are located in California.

Dreamhost's data storage center

In fact, when looking at the images from dreamhost’s hosting center, it’s pretty cramped and doesn’t look very modern. These are the rare images of DreamHost as they reveal. Currently, they do not disclose any information about the location of the storage center

How is DreamHost evaluated on Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a site that allows customers to review the products they’ve bought, and are open and transparent. As for hosting, reviews usually involve the hosting provider’s support, experience, pricing, page load times, etc.

Is DreamHost good on Trustpilot.

DreamHost is highly regarded by their customers on Trustpilot. 4.7 stars average with more than 1,200 user reviews. A few DreamHost customer reviews on trustpilot.

A few DreamHost customer reviews on trustpilot

Is Dreamhost good? What is the advantage?

1. Excellent Uptime – 99.73% 

Uptime is an extremely important factor to evaluate a hosting provider. 100% is the standard that all service providers are aiming for. The closer to 100% is better, which means they won’t let the website stop suddenly at any point in time.

For DreamHost, their 20-month average uptime is 99.73%, a great number. The following is DreamHost uptime measured by PingDom.

Dreamhost uptime is measured on PingDom.

2. Cheap and Transparent | Prices do not change monthly and do not increase upon renewal

One thing special compared to all other hosting providers, DreamHost does not have a discount code or any original offers. Instead their starting prices are quite cheap, and do not increase prices upon renewal. That means the price of the service package is always stable, unchanged at any time.

No hidden fees, no surprising price increases. The price of hosting packages after 1 year or 3 years will decrease, that’s all.

To me, their hosting package prices, okay and great!

3. Supports a free domain name. Starting from one year package

This means that when you start a long term plan for one year or more, dreamhost offers free domain name support. You will save a fee on buying a domain name when you start building your website.

Although not large, but it was not a small stimulus. Note, if you purchase a monthly plan, free domain support is not available.

4. Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited traffic | Unlimited storage

If bandwidth is limited, you will run into problems when too much access is used. You will not be happy when near the end of the month, customers cannot access the website.

Most of the service providers are prioritizing offering unlimited bandwidth, which means unlimited traffic. Dreamhost is one of them, adding a point to DreamHost.

In addition, DreamHost also uses unlimited storage for Shared Website Hosting plan. This gives you the freedom to download media such as images, videos … without worrying about restrictions.

5. Free SSL certificate support

SSL certificates help secure and add trust to your website. It’s in front of the domain name and has a closed padlock icon.

DreamHost partnered with Let’s Encrypt to provide free SSL for all users. This is a popular one at the moment.

If not supported by your hosting provider, the installation will be complicated and cost you. In addition, SSL is also what Google is prioritizing in search results.

6. Refund after 97 days if not satisfied.

DreamHost offers 97 days refunds if the customer is not satisfied. Usually carriers give refunds in 30 to 60 days, but with DreamHost, it’s 97 days.

In 3 months, everything can happen. You have experienced all the services, stability, traffic, added data, … and more than 3 months is an adventure of a hosting provider. However, DreamHost has done just that. This can be one of the reasons why their customers are so satisfied.

7. Free backup

Your website may die, lose data or be destroyed and stolen by an intruder. You need to backup your data to restore it to the original.

Do you have to do it every day? The plugin can help but it’s too annoying, time consuming and heavy. So getting backup support by hosting provider is great. DreamHost supports daily data backup, avoid data loss and cannot be restored. A next point for DreamHost.

8. Diverse support service, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Once you have purchased and used hosting, the support from the hosting provider is essential. DreamHost is one of the best supported hosting providers in the world.

Issues related to hosting, domain name, error 5xx, errors related to hosting …. if you have problems, they can answer for you. I tried asking them and they responded pretty quickly. However, they are not always 24/7.

Note: DreamHost publicly supports Bot Chat 24/7/365. But Live Chat support is only from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm

DreamHost supports 4 forms including: Email, Live Chat, Receiving a call-back, dreamhost.com contact form. Every action will be performed in your dashboard.
Note: they do not support direct call, you want to request a callback, there is a small fee.

9. The dashboard is prominent and easy to see.

Unlike many other well-known hosting providers, DreamHost does not use Cpanel control panel. They use something of their own, everything is in it: email, support, SSL, integration of important software, …

To me, to be honest, the console is a bit hard to see, probably because I’m used to using Cpanel. According to DreamHost’s loyal customers, this dashboard is just right for them. This is why I include it in the pros.

10. Install wordpress with one click

WordPress is so popular that almost every hosting provider needs to integrate wordpress into their dashboard. DreamHost is no exception, you just need to click the wordpress icon, fill in important information, then everything will be automatic.

Disadvantages of Dreamhost hosting service

1. Speed of page load – Response time. (A bit bad in the last 6 months)

The faster the page load time, the better, Google appreciates and prioritizes the search engines, the users who visit the website feel comfortable. Hosting companies are focused on this, and they always try to create zero response times.

DreamHost average response time as measured on SpingDom is 812.1 ms (average after 20 months)

DreamHost response time is measured on PingDom after 20 months


DreamHost’s response time is not too good, just not bad. In the last 6 months, their response times have gotten worse. It is possible that they do not have their own CDN and use “Cloudflare” as a 3rd party so the download speed will be slower with other hosting providers.

2. Direct phone calls are not supported

Honestly, many customers prefer to call directly rather than type and wait for an answer. DreamHost does not provide direct call service. Instead, you get callback service, for a small fee, and get call back by the technicians.

3. Need a fee to transfer the site to DreamHost

DreamHost does not support free domain transfer, on the contrary they have a free plugin that supports domain transfer. If you are using wordpress, install DreamHost Automated Migration plugin and start transferring domain name as instructed by DreamHost

But if you are not sure about this plugin, you may lose a fee, asking their staff to transfer the domain name if you are planning to switch to their hosting. On their home page it mentioned, $ 99 per site.

4. The hosting plan starts not to support free email.

DreamHost’s initial activation packages do not support email for free. You have to pay $ 1.67 to use Email service of DreamHost.

5. Not including support CDN (using 3rd party is CloudFlare)

When a hosting provider includes a CDN, their page load speed will be fast and you will benefit for it. Your website speed will be greatly improved.

Unfortunately, dreamhost does not support CDNs. Instead, the control panel integrated with Cloudflare allows you to easily use 3rd party CDNs. This is also the reason Dreamhost’s response times are unusually high.

Is Dreamhost good? Who should buy hosting from Dreamhost?

I completely agree that DreamHost is amazing. A number one choice if you don’t want the hassle of pricing. The support department of dreamhost is very solid, enthusiastic and full of knowledge. The unlimited policy of bandwidth and memory couldn’t have been any better. Yes, it was in my previous review.

If you are in North America, or simply your target audience in North America, Dreamhost will be the number one choice. If your target audience is outside North America, I wouldn’t recommend DreamHost.


DreamHost’s data center is located in North America. You know, the farther away from the storage center, the longer the data transmission time, resulting in slower page load times.

So, if your target audience is in North America then choose DreamHost. If not, then leave.

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