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Is swagbucks legit and safe?

by Duc Nguyen
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For anyone already making money online, they know Swagbucks. A site that allows you to make money with various activities such as surveys, gaming, watching videos …. “Is SwagBucks legit and safe?” Can you make a lot of money with SwagBucks? Should you spend time on SwagBucks to make money?

SwagBucks have a variety of activities to make money diverse. This diversity also leads to a variety of participant goals. There are people joining to play entertaining games, someone earning Amazon gift cards, and most people looking for a steady income with SwagBucks.

With a stable income, how do you do it? Find out my post right now!

What is Swagbucks?

SwagBucks is a platform that can help people make money. More precisely, this is where the link between businesses and participants making money online.

What is SwagBucks

Yes, they are actually affiliated with businesses. From answering surveys, playing games, .. you are continuously becoming an enterprise customer. In return you earn SB points and exchange them for cash or gift cards.

How does SwagBucks Work?

SwagBuck will provide a lot of activities such as surveying, playing games, watching videos, shopping for discounts, … Your job is to complete the tasks that SwagBuck provides. After completing the quests, you will receive the corresponding SB points, for every 500 SB will be equivalent to $ 5.

Online survey – Answer Gold Surveys

This is actually a game of chance. You don’t match the demographics, you’ll be disqualified immediately. Dozens of survey questions will appear, when answered, more than 90% of you will be rejected during the survey

Is swagbucks legit and safe with survey Online

If you are in UK, US, or Australia the surveys will be fine because the relevance will be higher. If you are in another country, you are wasting your time on this game.

I live in Vietnam and I cannot complete any survey. SwagBucks will give you a consolation 1SB but it’s not worth your time.

If you are wondering what is an online survey? How does online survey work? Tips for success with online surveys, … take a look at my article “How do I get paid for online surveys?

Shop Online – Coupons – Refunds

Shop on e-commerce sites and get a refund. SwagBucks offers a cashback for every $ 1 spent on their website. They are affiliated with 1500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target and Starbucks. The refund amount will be 1% to 10% of the value of the item you purchase.

Coupons on SwagBucks

This is my favorite SwagBucks activity. Browse products with promotions and buy things you like at low prices. More precisely, this is a coupon for shopping.

Coupons and amazon shopping cards on SwagBucks

Very specifically for Amazon, when you spend on promotional products on Amazon through SwagBucks, you get a 4% refund of the value.

Search for SwagBucks

First, install SwagBucks Search and you’ll get 25 SB. I don’t understand this way of making money and I use it quite sparingly. I only made a little SB by installing SwagBucks Search and SwagBucks Button.

Search website on SwagBucks

According to SwagBucks, Earn daily when you add the Swagbucks Search app to your Chrome browser. The more you search with Swagbucks, the more SB you can earn.

Watch videos and earn 40SB

To watch videos and make money, you need to install the SwagBucks app on your phone. Watch max video and you will earn 40 SB.

Play game and get SB

Your job is to make in-game purchases and receive SB. SwagBucks no matter how you play, as long as you buy items in the game, you get SB.

Play game on SwagBucks

Think of it like discount codes from ecommerce sites. When you spend $ 1 on a game that is linked to SwagBucks, you will receive 10 SB.

I call this game coupons. It helps those who are passionate about the game, not for me.


Earning SB from affiliates with SwagBucks, exactly. You must complete the missions from the 3rd party, earning the SB that corresponds to the quests. It could be surveying, playing games, buying goods, participating in a contest …

Discover on SwagBucks

Most of the time I ignore them all, they take my time. I just play games, more specifically use my phone, install and play games, then receive SB.

Earn daily SB without spending too much time with SwagBucks

There is so much activity on SwagBucks that will waste you time with them. I will spend my time doing more productive things. Even so, just spend an hour or two and you’ll make a decent amount with SwagBucks.

    • Instantly add SwagBucks button and SwagBucks Search for at least 25 SB. SwagBucks Button helps you find refund opportunities. SwagBucks will send you Sales Offers, Coupons and Cashback notices on featured e-commerce sites.

Get $ 25 when installing SwagBucks Search


  • Watch videos from phone and receive up to 40 SB
  • Complete a daily goal of 40 SB and receive 3 SB. Also you can reach different milestones and get more SB.

Daily reward milestones on SwagBucks

    • Under Discover, complete Featured Offers and Duties from other applications. If you see an online survey, skip it. If you have time, do this part. If you don’t have time, you can skip it.

Make a lot of money with Discover


Referring as many people to SwagBucks as possible, SwagBucks has no limit on the number of referrals. Earn 10% of income from your referrals.

Refer friends to SwagBucks

  • Do the daily survey and receive 20 SB

Do the daily survey with SwagBucks


Is swagbucks legit and safe? Fake or Real?

SwagBucks was officially established and put into operation in early 2008. Operated by Prodege Group, a provider of digital services and is also the owner of the famous survey site InboxDollar. SwagBucks have been extremely stable so far, they have paid out over $ 460 million for their members.

On Trustpilot, SwagBucks got 4.3 stars and over 18,000 excellent reviews. This is a glorious milestone with an online rewards portal.

swagbucks reviews on Trustpilot

So is SwagBucks legit and safe? I don’t think there is any need to answer. The truth has proved. What we need to consider is “how do I make a lot of money on SwagBucks?”

How can I withdraw money from SwagBucks?

SwagBucks offers 2 forms of withdrawal “gift cards and Paypal withdrawals“. You will receive rewards for participating in activities on SwagBucks and earning SB points.

How can I withdraw money from SwagBucks

Every 500 SB points equates to $ 5, which is also the lowest bonus withdrawal you can withdraw. Waiting time to receive money is 3 days from the date of withdrawal request via paypal. With gift cards, you can spend instantly.

Refer friends – The way to make money passively and in the least time

By referring a friend, you will earn 10% of their income for the time that the account is in existence. This is the least time-consuming and passive way to make money.

Earn 10% of income from referrals to SwagBucks

You need to use a referral link, your friends click on and you will receive 10% of their income all the time. If you refer many people, you do not need to log in. SwagBucks still has income.

Also, if your friend installs the SwagBucks Button, you will receive 100 SB points ($ 1). This is a fairly new offer from SwagBucks.

Install SwagBucks Button

And best of all, if you click on the referral link and meet some conditions, you will receive 500 SB points ($ 5).

Should I join SwagBucks?

SwagBucks has too many things to confuse you, it wastes your time. In fact, this is a legitimate portal that allows you to make money very practically.

Somehow, there are 2 trends when joining SwagBucks “looking for discount codes and looking for a steady stream of income”. You should not spend all your time on SwagBucks, optimize your time, join quests in your spare time.

Is SwagBucks good? Very good and great! You should participate but don’t spend too much time on it. I showed you the optimal way to make money to save the most time.

Over 10 million people are using SwagBucks. Swag Bucks also paid out more than 460 million dollars to its members. Be one of them.

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