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Is TMDHosting good?

by Duc Nguyen
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I have seen many Tmdhosting reviews, on facebook, on Trustpilot, on forums and blogs that specialize in hosting reviews. Well, with 6 best hosting providers I have listed, TmdHosting is one of them. So is tmdhosting good?

I already have an article on 18 factors evaluating a quality hosting provider, which will be a benchmark for evaluating different hosting providers. With tmdhosting, in this review I’ll be playing the role of a client, looking at every corner of them. From comments, reviews of different customers to a close look at what Tmdhosting says on their homepage, support attitude, service package price …. Ok, get started now!

What is TmdHosting?

Is TMDHosting good - what it is

TMDHosting is a young website hosting service provider, founded in 2007, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. However, their infrastructure is the most modern of all website hosting providers.

They offer many hosting packages including: Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, Cloud hosting and Reseller hosting. Owning 7 data storage centers located in 4 different continents, TMDHosting has become a rival of many other large hosting service providers.

TMDHosting’s hosting package pricing review

TMDHosting offers 6 hosting hosting packages included
    • Shared hosting starting at $ 2.95 / mo and Renewal of $ 4.95 / mo
    • WordPress hosting starting at $ 5.95 / mo and Renewal of $ 8.95 / mo
    • VPS hosting starting at $ 19.97 / mo and Renewal of $ 39.95 / mo
    • Dedicated servers starting at $ 79.97 / mo and Renewal of $ 159.95 / mo
    • Cloud hosting starting at $ 5.95 / mo and Renewal of $ 8.95 / mo
    • Reseller hosting starting at $ 19.95 / mo and Renewal of $ 24.95 / mo

Of course, these are just starting packages, they also have many other premium packages. The starting price of these hosting plans is in the middle of the range, almost on par with many other hosting providers. Their renewal price is almost double, when developing a website, you need to consider this renewal price.

In return they provide many excellent support services, not all hosting providers have. Unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, daily backup, …

Data storage center of TMDHosting

7 data storage centers of TMDHosting

TMDHosting has 7 data storage centers around the world including: Phoenix, Chicago (US), London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Singapore, Tokyo (JP) and Sydney (AU). TMDHosting can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Why does TMDHosting’s hosting center have the most modern infrastructure?

    • 24/7 security monitoring, secured campus environment, stationary and roving officers, man-traps, antitailgating protocols, key card access, biometric access, PTZ, and stationary cameras.
    • 2N Utility, 2N UPS, Static Switch PDUs, N+2 CRAHs, N+1 central chilled water plant, diverse communication pathways, communication entrance vaults, and BMS monitoring and control
    • SSAE-16 certified facilities (audit report available on request – please contact our chat team or call our toll free numbers)

In addition, TMDHosting is also committed to using the latest and greatest hardware for its customers. They only use high-quality, branded equipment. All servers are based on Supermicro rack mountable servers and are powered by the most energy efficient Intel processors available on the market.

Reviews from many users about TMDHosting

TMDHosting on Trustpilot

Want to know which business is rated good or not by customers, first choice, go to Trustpilot to see the reviews from its own customers. Similarly, when choosing a hosting provider, go to Trustpilot to see the reviews.

TMDHosting does not have too many customers, but their customers appreciate TMDHosting very much. TMDHosting got 4.9 stars with over 600 reviews from their customers.

TMDHosting is rated 4.9 stars on trustpilot

And see some of the TMDHosting customer reviews on trustpilot

TMDHosting customer comments on trustpilot

Review TMDHosting on Mobile Facebook

TMDHosting is rated 4.7 stars on Mobile Facebook

TMDHosting is rated 4.7 stars by their customers on Mobile Facebook. And here are some comments from TMDHosting customers

comment on facebook about TMDHosting

Is TMDHosting good? What are the advantages?

1. Excellent Uptime – 99.7% 

TMDHosting always guarantees almost 100% uptime, but like many other hosting companies, they also experience a few server outages. Guaranteed 100% performance is virtually impossible.

According to PingDom, the average uptime of TMDHosting reaches 99.98%. In my opinion, this is not a bad number.

TMDHosting uptime on PingDom

Why are hosting providers unable to reach 100% uptime? An article from Pingdom “Why 100% uptime often ISN’T 100% uptimeexplains this, and the main reason is that they need system maintenance.

2. Page Loading Speed – Fast response time – 455 ms

TMDHosting is not the fastest response time hosting provider, but not inferior at all. They take the user’s page load speed seriously.

A hard evidence is clear when TMDHosting claims they use the most advanced technologies in cloud and computing, increasing page loading speed by 30 times. In addition, they built 7 storage centers distributed in many parts of the world, also for the consolidation of response times.

Response Time of TMDHosting on PingDom

According to statistics on Pingdom, the average 12-month response time of TMDHosting is 455 ms (9/2019 – 9/2020). This number is quite great, although, in the last 4 months their response times have been showing signs of increasing, but this is not so significant

3. Free domain name support in any hosting plan

The great thing about TMDHosting, you get a free domain name even on the lowest hosting plan. Not too big, but it was a stimulant to bring users to TMDHosting. To me, it was an euphoria, something like a reward they gave me for buying hosting from them.

4. Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited SSD storage

When you develop a website, of course, the traffic will increase. Bandwidth limits will limit traffic, when the limit is reached, users can no longer log into the website.

TMDHosting supports unlimited bandwidth so you won’t have to worry about limiting traffic anymore. This is also the trend that other hosting providers are doing.

In addition, TMDHosting also supports unlimited SSD storage, applicable to all their service plans. Then, you will not need to worry about storage limit when downloading a lot of photos, videos, audio, … This is something that few hosting providers do.

5. Free SSL certificate support

When google put “https blue padlock” (in front of domain name) as a priority factor in search ranking, SSL has gradually gained popularity. However, to install it yourself is quite complicated. Most hosting providers have linked to Let’s Encrypt and automatically installed it on a domain name.

TMDHosting also apply this way and free Let’s Encrypt. So you can have peace of mind about SSL certificates, no need to touch, they also have pre-installed for you.

6. Refund within 60 days if not satisfied

TMDHosting offers 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This policy applies to 3 hosting packages including: web hosting, Cloud Hosting and WordPress Hosting

The remaining packages refund policies apply within 30 days. During this time, you can completely experience all the features that the service pack offers. Except for DreamHost, this is the second reputable service provider that applies refunds in a fairly long time.

7. Free Daily Backups

What if website data is lost and you have to recreate from scratch? It is a terrible thing, not just me, many people must have had it. You can install the data backup plugin, but in my opinion it’s too cumbersome and what if you forgot to backup.

So why not choose a web hosting provider that applies automatic daily backups. TMDHosting does daily backups for free. What could be better than that when a concern has been resolved.

8. Free Cpanel dashboard support

If you are wondering what Cpanel is, you can refer to this article. TMDHosting offers free Cpanel support for you, easily managing various apps. Cpanel will look like this:

Cpanel on TMDHosting

9. One-click installer with 300+ apps

One advantage of using Cpanel is that it can install multiple applications. With TMDHosting, they integrate more than 300 applications including wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, Prestashop … Although wordpress is quite popular, many people prefer to use another software, you can easily install with one click.

10. Free Domain Name/Website Transfer

Domain name transfer or website transfer is not too difficult, but problems easily arise. You can lose data, site decommissioning and influence search rankings, moving not all data … You will have to spend the cost to providers of hosting services to help your move

Domain transfers happen when you are dissatisfied with your current hosting provider, or you want to switch to a better hosting provider. Very few web hosting providers offer you free support.

However, a plus point is for TMDHosting as they can take care of this for you for free. Of course, only when you switch to using their hosting will be supported for free.

11. Diverse forms of support. The support staff is quite fast and enthusiastic.

As mentioned, TMDHosting has 4 forms of support including: live chat, live phone call, send mail and Submit a Support Ticket. When you have a request, they respond pretty quickly of any kind.

Live chat on TMDHosting

The support staff is very enthusiastic in assisting. In fact, I asked a short question, they answered very fully and did not forget to ask me many other questions. In particular, it doesn’t have to be their client, you can ask any problem. TMDHosting supports 24/7/365 but not always absolute.

12. Free and unlimited email support

An affirmation of your brand email is always essential when developing a website. Almost all hosting providers support email for their customers. The problem is free or fee.

TMDHosting offers free email support to customers. In addition, their email service also offers an unlimited number of email archives

Disadvantages of TMDHosting

1. Support limited email blast

TMDHosting supports one email blast, which means they support sending newsletters to multiple emails at once. However, there is still a limit.

I tried asking the support staff of TMDHosting and they reported that I only send 300 to 400 email addresses per hour. It can take a while to send out multiple times if you have a list of several thousand registered emails. Of course, I’m talking about web hosting or cloud hosting plans

2. Renewal price is almost double

While the starting price is quite cheap, the renewal price of the hosting packages at TMDHosting is quite high, almost double. They have made it very clear on their price list.

In fact, their initial experience with their customers has been incredibly good. If the problem of the renewal price makes you uncomfortable, I think you should experience the service first and then think about the issue of the renewal price.

If the service is not good, you can request a refund (you have 60 days). If the service is great, at that price, I don’t think it will make you difficult.

Is TMDHosting good? Who should buy hosting from TMDHosting?

Of course I would recommend TMDHosting. They’re not the cheapest hosting provider, don’t have the fastest page load speeds but they have great security, a great service experience, enthusiastic support team, and more.

If you don’t like the TMDHosting renewal price, I wouldn’t recommend it. Do not hesitate about your location because TMDHosting has 7 most modern data storage centers, covering every location in the world.

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