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Product Testing USA Reviews

by Duc Nguyen
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Product Testing USA is not so popular but their test products are enough to appeal to you. Many people will be skeptical of the reality of Product Testing USA and think they are not legal. So that right? In the article Product Testing USA reviews, I will show you what you are wondering.

Did you get an Iphone, a vacuum cleaner … without spending any money? When participating in Product Testing USA you will have such an opportunity. So what is Product Testing USA? How does it work? Is it legal? What are test products? Please follow my article to understand these questions.

I am not a US resident, I have not received any products from Product Testing USA, I have no chance to associate with them. However, I would rate Product Testing USA based on the nooks and crannies of the Internet. Ok, let’s go!

What is Product Testing USA?

Product Testing USA is a subsidiary of Product Testing UK, operating in the US market. This is an intermediary place, businesses can send products through Product Testing USA, they will send products to the most suitable customers to test products.

The popular products that can be tested are Technology products, beauty, fashion, pets, games … The person who receives the test product, reviews the product, then gives feedback to the business. They will use these reviews, review and improve the right products for their customers.

How does Product Testing USA work?

Unlike other product testing sites, Product Testing USA does not take you directly to sign up, you have to select test products before signing up for membership. The working process of Product Testing USA will go through 3 steps as follows:

Select test products and register for Product Testing USA

To be able to register for Product Testing USA, you need to select any product, then click Sign Up.

Register test products with Product Testing USA

Then fill in your personal information in the Product Testing USA registration form. US address and phone number.

Enter the USA address on Product Testing USA

After completing the information, you will encounter a very annoying step, which is the recommendation of many different advertisers. I have met more than 30, I choose “no” all.

Advertising Partner on Product Testing USA

Finally, confirm the email and you have successfully registered for the account

Confirm Product Testing registration by email

Get test products

After successful registration, wait for a notification from Product Testing USA, their message will appear in your email inbox.

There is no guarantee that you will be selected as a product tester. That is true and is also a statement from Product Testing USA. They are also not too focused on social networks, which means you still have to go through the selection of test products on the website to have the opportunity to test the product.

Evaluate products and respond to Product Testing USA

Ok, look at the rating room on Product Testing USA, you will see different reviews from people being tested. Take a look at what Product Testing USA asks you during product testing

Reviewers are required to provide a 500+ word written review, video review, and photos within 7 days of receipt of both the product or gift card, and confirmation letter. Usually, the letter and product/gift card will be sent out separately. 

Along with the confirmation letter, reviewers receive a review checklist of points to discuss, and an A4 poster to use in photos.

Is Product Testing USA legit?

Although I can’t feel the test products from Product Testing USA, I’ve seen quite a few reviews from everyone. The numerous doubts made Product Testing USA badly rated and made them suspect Scam. Here are the doubts I have listed and some outstanding advantages of Product Testing USA.

“Product Testing USA” doubts are not legal

Didn’t get a lot of reviews from members or audience

Didn’t receive any reviews from anyone on Trustpilot. That proves that Product Testing USA is not too popular and not many people know it.

Product testing USA on Trutpilot

Similarly, on a popular review site like SiteJabber there aren’t many reviews either. Even lousy reviews are emerging.

Product testing USA on SiteJabber

Be bothered by advertisers associated with USA Product Testing

Several reviews on SiteJabber said they were bothered by advertisers affiliated with Product Testing USA.

Product Testing USA reviews on SiteJabber

Even on facebook, you can see similar comments from everyone.

Some audience reviews about Product Testing USA on Facebook

Time for waiting is long

There is only one tester per product. What does that mean? You have a very low chance of getting the chance to test the product, meaning you will wait a long time to test the product. I have a bit of trouble understanding how to do this and it seems that businesses are looking for an expert on their products.

In fact, it’s easy to see, Product Testing doesn’t have too many products to test. Also, they operate differently from other product testing websites. They don’t control you, the affiliate advertisers do. Advertisers need to know if you are fit for their test product, it makes no guarantees.

This is just my personal opinion. Not only see these doubts for evaluation, you need to track the factors that make Product Testing USA credibility.

Product Testing USA highlights

Many people said that they received a test product

On facebook, you can easily see positive comments from people, they claim to have received a test product. Of course also include product photos. You can see reviews from everyone at Product Testing USA Reviews On Facebook

A comment on Product Testing USA on Facebook

Existed for quite some time

Product Testing USA also has two other branches in Australia (ProductTesting.com.au) and in the UK (ProductTesting.UK.com). They established in 2012 and until now, have not fallen yet.

Product Testing is free

You do not lose any cost to register for product testing. If, I say, if, you get a test product, just review the product, you get the demo product for free. This is also what Product Testing USA claims

Product Testing USA reviews: should I join?

There is no fee to join and also have the opportunity to receive a valuable product for free. I think you can participate in Product Testing USA. But, I wouldn’t recommend this! Why?

Through what Product testing USA shows, I am sure they do not manage members, somehow they have empowered a third party. Advertisers affiliated with Product Testing USA, maybe so. . You will be faced with unknown phone calls, spam messages in emails …

If you’re not bothered by all of this, well, Product Testing USA is the place to explore. As for Scam, I think not, it’s just that their operations are not transparent, and it raises our suspicions.

Alternatives to Product Testing USA

In my “get paid for product testing” article, there are 9 product test pages I have listed out. Product Testing USA is one of them. So there will be 8 other options for you.

  1. Daily Goodie Box reviews: consumer products, health care products, fast food, cosmetics …
  2. Vindale Research: Consumer goods, health care products
  3. PINCHme: Skin care products, functional foods, pet food, consumer goods …
  4. UserTesting: Test website and digital applications
  5. BetaTesting: Test website and digital applications
  6. BzzAgent: consumer goods, toiletries, cosmetics, home appliances, …
  7. Influenster: Healthcare products, cosmetics, …
  8. Crowdville: Test website, test digital apps, apps on phone …

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