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Timebucks review

by Duc Nguyen
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Lately, there have been a lot of people introducing TimeBucks. Earn $ 10 / hour, $ 200 / day … a lot. I know TimeBucks too but I didn’t know that you will make that much money. I pay more attention and try harder in a day to make money with TimeBucks. And here are my Timebucks review.

A lot of questions will be posed to TimeBucks. “Are TimeBucks scam? Can I withdraw money? How to make money from TimeBucks? How Do Timebucks Work?” Let me answer these questions!

What is Timebucks? 

TimeBucks is a financial platform, an online money making portal. Timebucks has been around since 2014, it is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, but is worldwide applications. People all over the world can make money with it.

On Timebucks, you can make money by surveying, watching videos, clicking ads, posting TikTok, …. And especially, you can become an advertiser, attracting more traffic to your channel. Let’s see how TimeBucks works!

How does TimeBucks works?

You can make money from TimeBucks, earn money by completing the missions that TimeBucks offers. That could be survey questions, watching videos to make money, connecting to kktok, shortening links, …

Do quests and make money on TimeBucks

Second, you can earn traffic thanks to TimeBucks’ advertising channel. Increase traffic or complete signups on the website.

Yes, those are the two main ways TimeBucks works. Now, take a look at my review of how these two work on TimeBucks.

TimeBucks quests allow you to make money

Paid surveys

You will answer the questions in the survey. Number of questions is random. And please note, the amount currently linked on the survey, that is the maximum amount you can receive. Very difficult!

Why is it difficult?

I can barely complete any survey. My demographics don’t match. In addition, the amount for each survey question is also very low. Making a lot of money through surveys is very difficult.

If you are wondering, “What are online surveys?”, “How do online surveys work?”, “How do I make money with online surveys?” , … article “How to get paid for surveys?” will help you understand these questions. Businesses want to get potential customers, so the level of completing the survey is very difficult.

Content options

In fact, this is where “advertisers” attract users. I will talk about them in detail in the next section.

This is also the easiest place to make money. However, the money earned was very little, pitifully little. Take a look at some of the making money in this section:

Clicks Ads: You will receive $ 0.001 to $ 0.004 when viewing websites that TimeBucks has to offer. No need to do anything, just watch it.

Slideshows: In this task, you will get paid to go through 11 pages of slideshows (Quantity subject to change). Click the green View button to begin the task. You can do 20 slideshows per day, but only 1 every 10 minutes. After the 10 minute timer ends, you can do another slideshows

Captcha: You will earn $ 0.003 for every 15 Captcha’s you successfully completed and made unlimited. If you get a “too many requests” error, wait 30 seconds then try again.

Night Fall News: In this task, you will get paid to complete a slideshow. You will be redirected to a third party website to complete this task. Rates vary and are displayed on the NightFallNews website. Scroll down, wait 10 seconds and click next

Engage: In this section, you will also be taken to a third page. Your task is to watch youtube videos, the process will be automated and you can do other things. Each pay is minimum of $ 0.001 and If you watch 20+ videos (2 rounds of 10) for 30 days you will receive a $ 1.00 bonus

Push Clicks: When you activate this section, there will be ads appearing in the corner of the screen. You will be paid $ 0.001 to $ 0.01 per click. After 24 hours they will summarize the amount you receive.

Video: This method is the simplest and earn the least money. You only need to watch the video for a specified period of time to receive the money. For each video, you will receive $ 0.001


This way of making money requires proof. Complete tasks, recorded with a snapshot image. Within 4 days, you send it to TimeBucks and wait for their partner to confirm.


Similar to the Tasks task section, you need to register something as required. Complete and take pictures as evidence. You have 4 days to send your proof to TimeBucks and wait for their partner to confirm

Make money on Tik tok

TimeBucks will use your TikTok channel to promote their videos. You will receive money according to the number of video views. The more views you make, the more money you will make.

This is probably the only way to make money for TikTok when TikTok itself has not set up their own monetization channel. In my opinion, this is a very effective way of making money, TimeBucks itself has no limit on the amount of money you can earn.

Tiktok is growing and its revenue in 2020 surpassed that of youtube. You should own a TikTok channel for you, timebucks will help you make money with tiktok.


Tiktok has no limits on referrals, this is an opportunity for everyone. Referring as many people as earn more money. Of course some conditions are needed

In particular, Timebucks are rewarded in 5 levels. Although that person is not a direct referral, you still receive a commission. Copy the link and paste it somewhere where there are lots of people.


This is for TimeBucks’ partners. You will have to complete their quests to make money. That could be gaming, surveying, …

Overall, the relevance of the demographics is going to be pretty big. If you feel like you can’t make extra income this way, you should skip it to save time. I never do this part, my time spent on other things will be better.

TimeBucks Review with a way to make money from Aliexpress

After reading this monetization guide, I realize that TimeBucks is running coupons and affiliate marketing programs. That partner here is Aliexpress.

If you did Aliexpress, you will know that the product is difficult to sell and the commission is quite low. Aliexpress itself is not too focused on affiliate marketing.

In contrast, TimeBucks applies Coupons to Aliexpress. You will get a refund when you make a purchase on Aliexpress. Exciting!

Make money with shortened link

TimeBucks also applies a shortened link. After shortening your links with TimeBucks, promote the shortened link. The amount earned increases proportionally with the number of clicks on the shortened link.

Unlimited amount of money earned. The amount is also calculated by the country position click on the shortened link.


This is the part that each participant timebucks expect most. You will get a large amount of money if you win.

I think this part is like gambling, luckily you will be rewarded. Unfortunately, you will not lose anything. It is an interesting thing!

Advertising on TimeBucks allows you to find customers

TimeBucks offers advertising options that help you find your customers. What do you want users to do on your website? Sign up, rate, page view, … Just deposit some money into TimeBucks and ask the user to do what you want.

This form, in fact like you are buying Traffic, buying the actions of the members participating. Although it is difficult for them to become your customers because they only pay attention to making money on Timebucks, but this method is not too bad.

Funds: You will need to deposit $ 20 into TimeBucks to make advertising

Clicks: buys clicks to the landing page. Price per click is $ 0.002 for 4s. If you increase user time on your site: 15s = $ 0.004, 30s = $ 0.006 and 60s = $ 0.008.

Signup: request an action from a TimeBucks participant, depending on the purpose you will have different requirements. Prices will also vary with each action

How to withdraw money from Timebucks?

The lowest amount you can withdraw?

After you have withdrawn enough money (the lowest $ 10), with your account started, a red message will appear on the screen. This is the line asking you to authenticate your account, click Verify.

After click verify, Timebucks will appear a few requirements. You need to fill in your information to verify your account.

Timebucks will pay you once a week. The lowest amount you can withdraw is $ 10  

How does Timebucks pay you?

Below are some ways to withdraw money that Timebucks can support you.

Payment Method on timebucks

How much money will you get from Timebucks?

I made $ 10 in a week just doing quests. It was an obsession for me, too hard to make money with TimeBucks.

In fact, TimeBucks does not limit how much you can earn. However, the amount per quest was too small. When you join TimeBucks, with quests, you’re just looking to rake competitions.

In general, there are 3 ways to help you make a lot of money. Since there is no limit to the quantity, it becomes special. That is refer a friend, tiktok, shortened link. Why ? See the next section!

Tips to make a lot of money from TimeBucks

  • First, do all the content section duties. Whatever you find annoying, please ignore it. The amount earned is not too much, but it takes up less of your time.
  • Introduce a friend. These are the fastest and most profitable. The more people you refer, the more money you will receive
  • Create a tiktok channel and attract more followers. The more followers, the more money you will get.
  • Create a shortened link. Carry out promotions, the more people click, the more money you will receive.
  • Race top make money at the end of the day. Top 1, you will receive $ 20.
  • Receive coupons and wait for your luck. $ 200 is the amount you can get.

Can Timebucks be played on mobile?

Oh of course! That is easy and quite convenient for you. You can do quests on timebucks to make money when you have free time. The sad thing is that it doesn’t have an App and you have to play it in the browser. 

Is Timebucks Scam? | Is TimeBucks legal?

See TimeBucks Review from many people, from many members who have already made money from TimeBucks. On Trustpilot, you can see that. TimeBucks has 4.7 stars with over 1000 excellent reviews. That is hard to deny with the credibility of Trustpilot.

In addition, you can also see a list of people who have earned money from TimeBucks listed by themselves. If you are wondering, contact the webmasters, youtubers, … who are applying their advertising on TimeBucks.

TimeBucks are also owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, they have a very specific address. Founded in 2014 and in existence up to now.

So does TimeBucks have Scam? Is it legal? The answer is available.

How to register Timebucks? Sign up to receive $ 1

You just need to click on the call to action button below. Sign up with gmail or facebook. You will become my partner and receive $ 1. Remember, fill in your personal information, that will be proof to help you withdraw money from TimeBucks

Final Review of TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a great money-making portal, in my opinion. It helps you make money while also allowing you to find customers. Isn’t that great?

But with a TimeBucks review in terms of objectivity

The amount they pay for the missions is too little, you will waste your time on these tasks. They also do not provide Paypal, it is not convenient for many people, in return they have a BitCoin wallet.

The 3 best ways to make a lot of money are to “referral as many people as possible, create a tiktok account with many followers and shorten the link”. Ok! That is all. Opinion is on you.

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