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100+ ways to make money online

by Duc Nguyen
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When you want to make money online, make money with a computer or phone, you ask the question “How do I make money online?” Yes! There are lots of ways to make money online in 2020. In this article I will show you the 100 most popular ways to make money online.

However, check out a few of the benefits of making money online first for added motivation:

  • Flexible time, no time constraints. You may have plenty of time to travel, take care of family …
  • Not bound by regulations: boss pressure, no need to wear uniforms, no need to go to work on time, …
  • Arrange the work yourself and do not need to depend on others.
  • Ensuring safety at work: do not worry about layoffs, do not worry about accidents, …
  • No need for too much sublime knowledge
  • Working and exposing globally

Product Test and Review before launch

Brands, businesses, before putting their products on the market, they always need to test products first. They want their products to be good, meet the needs of the user and be appreciated by users.

Is testing and evaluation of this product allowed at home? Of course it is and it is a trend. Becoming a product reviewer is completely free and legal. When you complete the reviews, the company will pay you.

The ways to make money online by testing products

Which products are often tested and evaluated? Electronics, Toys, Food Products, Beauty Products, Household Products, Baby Products, Adult Products, Clothes, Websites ….

Toluna, UserTesting, Pinecone … are reputable websites, you can make money by testing and evaluating products thanks to them.

Resources: Get paid for product testing  , A complete guide and additional websites that support making money testing products

Make money with programming skills

Everything related to the internet needs programming and building code, but not everyone can do this. Companies, businesses either lack manpower, or the job is too big or they simply don’t want to hire permanent employees to reduce costs.

This is an opportunity for those who like to work from home, who do not like time constraints have the opportunity to show. If you are good, you get jobs that pay well up to hundreds of dollars. But if you are not too good, there will be a lower-paying job that is right for you.

Statistics programmer job in 2020

According to freecodecamp’s statistics, now businesses are hardly focused on degrees, they need skills. I think this is a good opportunity to make money with your passion.

Create a killer app

This will be for a business rather than an individual, of course you should probably be the mainstream in it. More than 130 apps are uploaded to the iTunes store every day, which means it’s an extremely competitive market.

The way Make money with mobile app

But if your app is interesting, viral, many people appreciate it and download it. I think you will get rich quickly thanks to this segment of making money online.

Tik Tok, whatsapp are the two top killer apps. But just 1/10 of them, you will be rich.

To know and understand more about a killer application, you can Check out 5 Design Tips For Creating Killer Apps – Bizness Apps

Monetize Chrome Extensions

The way to make money online from Chrome extensions
There are 2 reasons you should create a chrome extension:
  1. There is a google link about your website (if you have a website). This is a powerful medicine to help your website be appreciated in the eyes of google.
  2. Appearing on Chrome increases your brand visibility.
Usually the extensions will be free and limited. If the user feels good, the user will not hesitate to expand it. And of course, this is your passive income stream.
Check out Critter’s “Week 1 of monetizing my Chrome extension” story to better understand how to monetize the Chrome extension.

Integration of systems

Many businesses own many interwoven systems that are not linked together and they have difficulty managing each system one by one. The job of a system integrator is to connect them together, design, deploy, and test integrated solutions. Bring value back to the company and their customers.

Integration of systems

How do you cooperate with these companies?

First, you need to have a reputation in this field, build a website, build an image on social networks. Also look for companies and businesses on Linkedin and talk with them by phone.

Program Evaluation

You go to sites like Capterra, Gartner, ApperWall, G2Crowd … download and install specific software on your PC / laptop. Then evaluate the functionality, features, efficiency, sustainability, maintainability, and usability of the downloaded software.

Program Evaluation

Then respond to businesses asking for a review. The amount received depends on each program you join.

Make money by building and selling custom software

Make money by building and selling custom software
Why is custom software important:
  1. Bring long-term effects to the business
  2. In accordance with the operating niche and the current status of the business
  3. Save costs and get support from those who do…

And there are many other remarkable effects. Lots of businesses are trying to find someone to write their own custom software. I think you will enjoy this job.

You can sell, deliver or simply take customer requests and make them own. You can advertise yourself on Freelancer and Fiverr, where there are always clients for you.

Make money online with developing web themes and plugins

Are you using wordpress? Plugins and wordpress themes are what I want to talk about. If you know how to make them, you can have a great deal of income.

developing web themes and plugins

However, to make a lot of money, the plugin or theme must be stable and have many people appreciate it. This job is for veteran and experienced programmers.

A simple plugin or theme that allows free use but limited functionality, requires a payment to extend. Or you can develop a premium plugin or theme and bring them up to Themeforest or mythemeshop and the user has to pay to use them.

Get paid for surveys

Businesses want to know what their customers think, want and what their tastes like. By creating surveys, they easily gather data from their users.

Of course, answering these surveys you will receive money and depending on the geographic location, the amount received also varies.

How to make money online with online surveys

However, there are always phishing scams. You must choose reputable survey agencies. Before using it, visit trustpilot or Knoji to see user reviews of the survey you want to participate in.

Businesses will cooperate with a third party, which is famous survey websites. Some prominent survey sites can include: Inboxdollars, Swagbucks, Toluna….

Refer to the articleHow to get paid for surveys?to see what online surveys are? How does it work? Survey Tips and 17 best survey websites pay you for doing surveys

Make money with cryptocurrencies

Make money with cryptocurrencies

According to the wikipedia cryptocurrency definition

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership.

Bitcoin is a prime example, or rather a fever. In addition to bitcoin, there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market. So how do you make money from them?
  1. Investing: This is a long-term transaction, you buy cryptocurrency and wait for a long time. When the price of a cryptocurrency is high, you will sell it together to make a profit.
  2. Short-term trading: you can make a profit for a short time. It is possible to trade and make profits in 1 hour. Still buying low and selling at high prices.
  3. Staking cryptocurrencies: lock money in a crypto wallet and receive a reward to authenticate transactions on the Proof of Stake (PoS) network
  4. Lending cryptocurrencies: lending to other investors and receiving interest on those loans.
  5. Mining: is a component of Proof of Work (PoW) and is a way of making money since cryptocurrencies appeared.

Become a youtube video maker

Create youtube channel and attract people to watch, random you will become a youtuber.

If eligible, you can make money with video views (1000 subscriptions and 4000 hours of watchings). Youtube will pay you $ 0.10 to $ 0.30 per view, not to mention the advertising money earned when users click.

Become a youtube video maker

Or simply review the product and sell it right on youtube. Insert link below description, help you make money with affiliate and referral.
Creating a reputable brand with youtube also helps your business grow.

So making money with youtube is great? Too great! However, not everyone can do it. You need to know a few skills such as: video editing, YouTube SEO, confidently speaking and standing in front of the camera … And most importantly, it’s the idea.

Buy and sell limited edition products

One divine strategy for businesses is to sell limited edition products. They give surveys and view the votes on social networks, especially instagram and pinterest.


By tracking, researching and buying these products, you can make yourself rich quickly. How? After owning the limited edition products, go to the rare item sites and sell them, Ebay, for example.

Fashions are popular with limited editions. Street fashion brands like Supreme and Yeezy, big fashion brands like Nike, adidas, Puma … they always offer limited editions. Rolex is also a strong contender in the limited edition

Make money from a website blog

When you have a website of your own, you will have all authority on that website. Users define a website as something that represents a brand. And of course, you can apply many different forms of monetization to your website.

Start your own website if you want to make money with it. Maybe you will need to hire a website designer or if you don’t want to, you can also create your own website.

Selling Products – Make money with e-commerce site

Selling product Make money with e-commerce site
According to letstalkaboutmoney, By the year 2021, worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $ 4.9 trillion . If you are having product, why don’t you get started right away with an ecommerce site right now.
Benefits of an e-commerce site:
  1. Reduce production costs
  2. Reduce inventory and delivery delays.
  3. Capture, manage and understand user behavior
  4. Improving the reputation and image of the business; improve customer service quality…
You can easily set up an e-commerce site with wordpress, Shopify … Creating a product review blog, advertising marketing, SEO … you need to do a lot of work to bring your e-commerce site to people. consumption

Selling services online

If you are a freelancer, a coach, a consultant, food delivery service …. create a website and sell your services. Not bad, here are the ways to promote and polish your image.

Selling services online

Combining different forms of promotion, you absolutely can pull more customers to your website.

Selling Ad Space

When you visit a news blog, you always see ads appear. It could be by google or another ad network. This is called selling without advertising on the website.

Setting up a simple blog, no matter how much or how little content, just need more people to view or click on the ad on your website, you will make a lot of money. What’s important in the idea of your content and how to promote your website.

Sell Ad Space

There are two ways to sell advertising space on a website:

  • Sign up with google adsense or any reputable advertising network.
  • Contact businesses and have them put banners on empty areas.

Affiliate marketing with blogs

Affiliate marketing with blogs

A complete article on affiliate marketing will help you understand this ways to make money online. At the present time, most merchants require you to have a blog in order to participate in affiliate marketing. Of course there are also many websites that do not require you to have a blog, like clickbank.

Blogging will help users better understand the product you are recommending, and they will trust you more because they are viewing you like an expert.

Accepting Donations online website

Just produce content, whether it’s images, videos or text; You can also make money, there is no need to rent advertising space or be an affiliate. I am talking about Accepting Donations.

Online donations website

When your site is big enough, useful enough, people will be willing to donate money to you so you can keep content going. Wikipedia is the biggest example of this monetization, a non-profit website that accepts donations

Sponsored Posts on the blog

Sponsored Posts on the blog

Another interesting way to make money, Sponsored Posts is sponsored content created to suit the environment it is hosting. Not annoying users like advertising, it is nested in the post and looks like part of the post.

There are two ways to find partners, home stay.

  1. Partners contact you: this is when your website has a place in the series, has a reputation and has a lot of followers. You will receive many invitations via email
  2. You will contact partners: but when your website has no foothold, you must actively contact partners only.

Create leads – Make money with referral program

Create leads - Make money with referral program

In fact, this is a form of earning potential customers for a business. Users will be directed to the business website by you, and then fulfill a number of conditions. And then you will earn money or rewards.

I am talking about the referral marketing program. You can find customers and bring them to click on the referral link. This link can be placed on social, whatsapp, blog, email …. most businesses accept these promotions.

However, for me, building a blog would be the best thing. Give accurate and insightful assessments. Finally put a call-to-action button, get people to sign up, and lead rates for the business will be extremely high. Essentially you have to let users know what happens when they click on the referral link

Make money buying and selling domain names

By buying and selling domain names, you can also earn yourself large sums of money. Factors that help you buy a good domain name:

  • Short, containing one topic keyword
  • Usability check (constrained by google and heavy penalty)
  • Evaluate the value of the domain name
  • Domain age as long as possible …
godaddy domain auction

To play this game, you need to have an investment up front, I mean to use it to buy the right domain name. Godaddy is the world’s largest domain auctioneer hub, followed by Afternic, BrandBucket and namecheap.

Make money online with forex

Forex is a not too strange name in recent years, easy to make money and also easy to lose money. You need a fair amount of knowledge and experience to start a trade. Generally speaking, research, research and research is required.

Make money with forex

According to Bis’s statistics, Trading in FX markets reached $ 6.6 trillion per day in April 2019, up from $ 5.1 trillion three years earlier. That alone shows that the attraction of the forex market is enormous.

Like I said, you need research, research, and research to be able to participate in this game. If not, money will not fly.

Start making money with dropshipping

This is a form developed from e-commerce sites. You must place an order from your supplier when you receive an order from your customer. No need to own products, no stock or other expenses.

However, for customers to trust and pre-order is not easy. You need to build credibility with your customers. WordPress, 3dcart, or Shopify are platforms that help you build a great warehouse to start with.

Start making money with dropshipping

You can search for suppliers at Tmall, Aliexpress … then sell the product on another platform at a higher price. Profits lie there.

Get paid to search the web

Make money online with SEARCH THE WEB

A few businesses create search engines similar to google. They are willing to pay you for:

  • Use their search engine
  • Evaluate Search Engine results for companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Some outstanding platforms can be mentioned: Qmee, Swagbucks, Bing Rewards … A job with absolutely no experience required. Pretty simple!

Match betting is not at risk

Match betting is not at risk

This is a risk-free betting method. You do not have to deposit to play, all you need to do is take advantage of the free bonuses, stakes or promotions from the dealer.

Check the terms and conditions of the program so that you can safely enter the game. Understand carefully the betting strategies to make a profit. Coral, Ladbrokes and Bet365 are popular sites for this betting option. It thrived in the UK

Become a virtual assistant

You know titles such as assistant manager, assistant general manager … they make appointments, take notes from their boss. And of course this also appears in making money online.

You will be a virtual assistant, arranging small tasks for the managers to hire you. Of course, you can do it anywhere, whenever you want. Your job is to set prices for hours and be productive.

Become a virtual assistant

Linkedin will assist you with this, simply LinkedIn is the place for work and business. Upwork, Fiverr, … are also promising lands to help you find your job.

Get paid to watch videos online

Make money by watching videos

Watching videos for free, you still get paid for this. In my spare time, please create more income for yourself by watching videos. A few platforms pay for this: InboxDollars, Swagbucks …

Most money-making video programs appear in UK, and very few are available in other countries. Level 1 countries

Make money by writing texts

You love to write and have the gift of a writer. Why not use that to earn yourself but stable income?

There are many ways to make money online from writing. You can freely time, write wherever you want, without pressure … Here are some ways to make money online from writing.

Writing and publishing ebooks

Writing and publishing ebooks

With the growth of the internet, less books were published. Instead there came the e-book, kindle. Users can comfortably hold the phone or sit at the computer to read them. According to Statista, e-book revenue is expected to reach US $ 16,647 million by 2020.

If you have an idea of something, like to write, write an e-book and sell it. This is also a fairly significant source of passive income.

On Amazon, it’s free to publish and sell e-books for free. There are countless books on sale and be one of them

Get paid to write a business plan

With a pre-existing investment orientation, companies want this direction to be presented clearly and convincingly. Finding a writer, an expert in writing a business plan is a trend to solve this problem.

A business plan can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. So you say, how much money do you make a year? Usually there is a team that does this, not an individual.

write a business plan with upwork

You can go to Fiverr or Upwork to find customers. You can even build your brand with a website or a Social channel

Get Paid to Write Articles for Blogs, Magazines, and Journals

Blogs, Magazines, and Journals always need content to publish. Many blogs lack content, so they are willing to pay to hire a blog writer. A quality article will bring many advantages for blogs and magazines

Not to mention the Blogs, Magazines, and Journals … they need to polish their name. So their problem is to have a press release, if you specialize in press release writing then this is an advantage.

Get paid to Write a CV and cover letter

Writing a resume can help many people find the right job. If a CV is too bad, even if you are good, most of you will not be accepted. So people who are applying for a job, they need you, they need a convincing CV or cover letter.

Your main job is to create professional resumes, using attractive words to persuade readers. A pretty short CV, but you need to use words that stick to the client’s work. It seems quite difficult.

You will be paid from 25 – 75 $ for a resume, or by hour depending on the difficulty of the CV or job application. And if your expertise is high, you could make between 50 and 100 thousand dollars a year a year.

Write a CV and cover letter with freelancer

You can promote your image on LinkedIn, Freelancer and a few other websites where job recruitment is concentrated. They will see you and don’t hesitate to hire you to write your CV

Start making money with legal article writing services

You are a person who understands the law, has a lot of experience in legal matters. You can make money online by writing in the legal space. Businesses required documents such as labor contracts, copyright notices, meeting minutes….

Start making money with legal article writing services

However, you need to polish yourself and make the business believe in you. Create a website to polish your branding, at the same time build your image on Upwork, Fiverr to find customers.

Make money with graphic design skills

According to Bls statistics, Employment of graphic designers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2018 to 2028, slower than the average for all occupations. Graphic designers are expected to face strong competition for available positions.

And the fact that graphic design work is quite popular in the field of making money online. If you are holding this skill, create a source of income for yourself with the job you like.

Become a freelance graphic designer

Instead of working for a business, when you are a freelancer you can choose from many different businesses. You can also work whenever you want and wherever you like.

Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr … are places to help you find customers for you. Entrepreneurs are in need of freelance graphic designers, and of course if you want to make money online, this is a hard opportunity to miss.

Print on demand services

This work will follow the request of the customer more. They want you to design images, logos … according to their ideas and then print them on the product. A cup of coffee, a shirt, a notebook …. these are usually the products that the customer requires.

Print on demand services

To find customers you can go to a number of websites such as: Printfull, Printify, Zazzle … This segment accepts printing and design in small quantities, so you can receive many applications as required and not be boring.

Create and sell a design courses online.

Digital courses are on trend. As design grows, you should create an instructional course and sell it.

Create and sell a design courses online

You can create a website and upload your course. Or simply, upload to Udemy, which supports uploading and selling courses for free.

Sell your logo design skills

Many businesses lack the idea of a logo, partly they want a logo that is eye-catching and suitable for their job. Demand is very high, so this is an opportunity for creative designers.

Sell your logo design skills

Where can you sell your design skills? Fiverr, Freelancer, Solid Giggs, Flexjobs and 99designs ….

Selling illustrations

Do you know how to draw illustrations? Or simply know the illustration design? Everything you make can be sold online, the point is where you will sell them.

Selling illustrations

Creative Market, Graphicriver, RedBubble…. are online marketplaces selling illustrations that stand out. Creating a brand website that sells illustrations is also a good idea. Both customers and businesses can find you easily.

Make money online with consulting and coaching services

Everything that happens in life we need to learn. If you cannot learn by yourself, you need an instructor. With the rise of the online network, consultants and coaches have been and are starting to make money online with their work.

Digital fitness trainer

You are a fitness enthusiast, have a good body, know the exercises. Why can’t you become a digital personal trainer.

Digital fitness trainer

This online training gives you a stable source of income even while you sleep. Your students can achieve their fitness and wellness goals and have a good body. Some online personal training methods you can refer to:

  • Private Personalized Online Training
  • Non-Personalized PDF Fitness Programs
  • Non-Personalized Video Fitness Programs
  • Hybrid Online and In-Person Personal Training
  • Live Video Chat Workouts Online
  • Online Group Personal Training

Become an online tutor

Online learning is going viral. This is your chance to make money online thanks to your teaching skills. So how do you succeed in this job?

  • Choose a topic and that should be your expertise
  • Receive online customers from VIPKID, Tutor, Wyzant, Chegg… ..
  • Develop personal images on Linkedin …. etc
Become an online tutor

Once you have customers, your job is to teach and receive money. Become an online, semi-tutor that can teach anywhere as long as you have a computer.

Become an online travel advisor

If you love to travel and understand famous places. An online travel advisor will be right for you. Initially, when you first do this job, you must show your ability and efficiency. When you have your own image, private companies will invite you to the office and cooperate. Then everything was so great.

Become an online travel advisor

To do this job well, you must understand the customer’s travel needs, arrange travel and accommodation in the best way … So how do you find your customers?

  • Post on social media
  • Build personal image and find clients on Upwork, Fiverr
  • Personal website development….
You can make a few thousand dollars a month if you have a steady customer base.

Provide database consulting services

The database issue is quite complex. From small companies to large businesses, databases must be secure and maintained regularly. However, someone with specialized knowledge about this is quite difficult to find.

database consulting services

Because of that, the trend of finding a freelancer is growing. If you have many solutions in mind, many techniques for handling the database, this is the way to make money to look forward to.

Marketing consultant

A marketing strategy will determine the growth of a business. This requires a high level of expertise and a glimpse of the target market.

However, it is quite difficult to find a qualified person to advise and devise strategies. In addition, some businesses are not capable enough, want to save costs, they will not pay a fixed salary for an advisor. And online marketing consulting service is a good solution.

Marketing consultant

So what is your job as a marketing consultant?

  • Create and implement marketing strategies of businesses to achieve their goals
  • Understand carefully the market and target audience
  • Plan appropriate marketing forms and assign work appropriately …

Online life coach

What do you need to do as a life coach?

You need to inspire customers through online platforms. Counseling and guidance on many topics such as career, business, health … with categories like

  1. Psychology
  2. Leadership
  3. Business
  4. Management
  5. Marketing
  6. Data analysis
  7. Sociology
  8. Communication studies

You need to understand where they stand and guide them into the future.

To get started in this job, you need a certification, followed by a foundation to help you position your brand. Connect with customers with a blog, then promote the image on social media.

Make money on social networks

Social is the most concentrated place on the internet. And this is also the best place to help you make money online. You make money online, whether directly or indirectly, each social society responds to you.

Now let’s take a look at the social networks that can help you make money online.

Make money with facebook

According to sproutsocial statistics in 2020

  • 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners
  • 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily
  • 88% of Facebook users are on the platform to stay in contact with friends and family

Along with the development of features such as facebook profile, facebook group, fanpage, marketplace, facebook watch, live stream …., you absolutely can make money online with these features. In addition, if your fanpage reaches 10000 followers, 30000 views from 1 minute on 3 or more videos, you can completely turn on making money like youtube.

Make money with twitter

According to oberlo 2020 twitter statistics

  • There are 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter.
  • There were 11.7 million Twitter downloads on the App Store in the first quarter of 2019.
  • 75% of B2B businesses market their products and / or services on Twitter.
  • 500 million tweets are sent every day.
  • 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase after seeing it on Twitter.

Features on twitter like Twitter Media Studio, Advertise on Twitter, Use Sponsored Tweets like Ad.ly, … use them to make money online. You have seen the twitter statistics of 2020 already, that’s a potential.

Make money with Linkedin

Linkedin 2020 statistics of hubspot

  • LinkedIn has more than 690 million active users
  • LinkedIn received 30 billion sessions from its members in 2019. This is a 27% increase over the same period last year.
  • More than four million LinkedIn members were hired through the platform in 2019.
  • LinkedIn is the second most popular platform for B2B marketers, followed by Facebook.

Linkedin is considered a boring social network, practically not to play, but this is the place of work. This is the gathering place of businesses, employers and freelancers.

Using linkedin recruiter button, linkedin seo, linkedin talk and messenger … those are things that can help you make money online. You can be a freelancer, an affiliate, a blogger … everything is possible with linkedin

Make money with instagram.

Hootsuite 2020 instagram statistics

  • Instagram is the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple app store
  • 1 billion people use Instagram every month
  • 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day
  • 63% of Instagram users log in at least once a day
  • 200 million Instagram users access at least one business profile daily
  • 62% of people say they become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories
  • 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month

Through that statistic, will you make money with instagram, please join it. Applications such as instagram business, stories, shopping, Explore … are always visited by instagram followers. Take advantage of them and make your own money.

Make money with pinterest

According to pinterest statistics 2020 of sproutsocial

  • Pinterest has more than 320 million monthly active users
  • Women on Pinterest power buying decisions
  • 40% of US dads use Pinterest
  • 52% of millennials use Pinterest every month
  • 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest
  • 78% of users say content from brands is useful, including ads
  • 80% of Pinterest users access the channel via mobile

Pinterest is a platform based on the images, infographics that are not concise information that users need. In addition, the beauty of the infographic is the decisive factor for the crowding of this social network.

You can build brands, sell products directly, link websites with infographics … Rely on pinterest’s available features to make money for yourself.

Make money with Tumblr

Tumblr is a social networking platform that is quite similar to twitter. You can post photos, music, videos … any content. Some tumblr features can make you money. According to techjury’s statistics:

  • Tumblr has 472 million blog accounts as of July 2019
  • Users from the United States are the majority of Tumblr visitors
  • Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo for $ 1.1 billion in 2013
  • The Tumblr blog “We are 99%” became the motto for the Wall Street
  • Occupation movement
  • 69% of Tumblr users are millennials.
  • Tumblr.com average traffic is 10 minutes 25 seconds
  • Tumblr is available in 18 languages

You can exploit tumblr’s features to make money like: building a blog, you can develop different types of ads, allowing sharing of posts from Twitter and Facebook …. Too bad to ignore tumblr

Make money with tiktok

According to tiktok statistics 2020 from oberlo

  • TikTok has 800 million active users worldwide.
  • The TikTok app has been downloaded over 2 billion times on the App Store and Google Play.
  • TikTok ranked as the top most downloaded app in Apple’s iOS App Store for Q1 2019, with more than 33 million downloads.
  • 41 percent of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24.
  • TikTok has been downloaded 611 million times in India, which is around 30 percent of the app’s total global downloads.
  • When it comes to the daily time spent on TikTok, users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • TikTok is available in 155 countries, and in 75 languages.
  • 90 percent of all TikTok users access the app on a daily basis.
  • In less than 18 months, the number of US adult TikTok users grew 5.5 times.
  • There was an average number of more than 1 million videos viewed every day in a year.

This is a phenomenon, a platform that helps you make money online quickly. Although there is no form of turning on view-based monetization, you can sell products, build a brand … Take advantage of when tiktok is growing.

Make money through private labeling and selling products on Amazon

Private-label products are created by one company and labeled by another. Amazon’s Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) program is the one you’ll join on amazon.

Selling private label products is not a way to make money quickly, you have to spend investment costs, take risks and spend time building brands. But when you have a brand, you will feel comfortable later, less competition, get more quality content related to the product, … stable income (over $ 1000)

Private label products include Walmart’s Great Value brands, Target’s Mainstays and Amazon Essentials, which are very popular. Usually physical products are private label products, but also domain names, insurance products …

Stock investment

Not too unfamiliar and easy to avoid. Investing in stocks helps you get rich quickly and run out of money quickly. A way to make money online is only for those who are brave, experienced and knowledgeable about the market.

The Motley Fool, MetaStock, Morningstar … will help you to have the most overview of the stock market, if you want to pursue it.

Make money online with podcasts

Podcasts are a collection of digital audio sequences focusing on a single topic, which users can download easily. You can easily make money with it and not only one way but many ways.

According to podcastinsights:

  • 55% (155 million) of the US population have listened to podcasts – up from 51% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 37% (104 million) listened to podcasts last month – up from 32% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly – up from 22% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20)
  • 16 million people in the US are “ardent podcast fans” (Nielsen Q1 2018).

Affiliate marketing with podcasts

The essence of affiliate marketing is that the audience buys goods and you get a commission. That’s what affiliate networks worry about podcasts.

However, the data shows that the percentage of users who listen to the entire podcast is extremely high. That said, users are listening to you and the return to buying the product is quite high.

Some affiliate networks help you make money with podcasts: Amazon, Audible, AWeber …

Sponsors & Advertising podcast

Podcast listeners are enormous, with many sponsors and advertisers willing to pay for your podcast. The prerequisite is that your Podcast audience should reach 10,000 people per month.

 According to the improvepodcast, your actual income will depend on three factors:

  1. Episode CPM (which we calculate by adding the value of all your ad-placements)
  2. Number of episodes per month
  3. Number of downloads per episode

Monthly income = episodes CPM x number of episodes per month x number of downloads / 1000

Create podcast courses

The podcasting trend is spreading and if you are a savvy person, create a course. You can both guide people and create a source of income for yourself.

To promote a course, I think you should set up a website dedicated to podcasts. Better yet, you recommend it on conferences. Use email marketing to take care of your customers.

Sell your products and services with podcasts

Podcasts are a way to create a strong customer-to-business relationship. Users will feel a more personal connection with the business.

Not selling or services directly, you will build your branding on podcasts. Then they know you and when they get used to the brand they will buy it.

In addition, for users who have a habit of liking thanks to podcasts, from which users want and respond.

Coaching and consulting with podcasts

Training and counseling via podcasts is not much different from video training. Both create trust for customers and let them know what you are doing.

Arrange them like episodes, your audience will see you in sequence. And these sequences will help you become an expert. Consulting and coaching appointments happen when your customers know and trust you.

Make money with audiobooks.

Audio books are a form of podcast. The book that you write, transforms it into an audio form. Robin Sharma’s book “the leader not the name” has been translated into an audiobook in many different languages.

Many people have the habit of listening to audiobooks. Those are the objects you need to target. Why not turn your book into an audiobook to make money?

Sale and lease what you have and own

Take advantage of what you don’t use. Many people don’t have what you have and are willing to rent or buy them. Your personal belongings, real estate, transportation … everything can generate income for you.

Rent out your availability on Airbnb

You are renting a room or owning a house with too much spare room. Take advantage of them and generate income for yourself.

Sites like Airbnb, HomeToGo, FlipKey and HomeAway allow you to post for free, and you can get tenants from there. However, these platforms will retain 5 – 20% of the room rate and will be paid upon check-in.

Selling crafts on Etsy.

If you have items such as jewelry, bags, clothes, home decorations and furniture, toys, handcrafted artwork. Make an income for yourself with your items.

Etsy is the world’s largest handicraft e-commerce site. You absolutely can bring your stuff up here and sell.

First, create your own store on Etsy, of course it is not natural that the customer will come to you. Build and promote on instagram, facebook … help people know about you, then pull them into your Etsy.

Sell your recipes

If you are a cook, many people appreciate the food you create, in your mind you have the secrets of creating delicious food. Why not make extra income with your recipes, the recipes that make up delicious food.

  1. Join online cooking competitions. Recipe Contests, Taste of Home and Better
  2. Recipes are the cornerstones that can help
  3. Selling recipes to bloggers who are lacking in ideas for articles.
  4. Posting cooking stuff vbans services on Fiverr. ….

There are many ways to make money with your recipe. It is important that your formulas are great and the way you develop them with them.

Rent land to camping

A lot of people like outdoor adventures. If you have vacant land and close to a beautiful nature area then this is a chance to make money.
Homecamper, AirBnb … are some of the platforms you can help you find clients with. With the statistics of condorferries, you do not hesitate when you do not make money for yourself in the vacant land.

  • 77 million households in the U.S. contain someone who camps.
  • Since 2014, 6 million households have taken up camping. 64% of them go out three or more times a year.
  • In 2018, 4 million families camped for the first time. 51% of these campers were from non-white groups.
  • In 2018, 8% of those who camped, stayed in the backcountry, trong 65% chose to stay in campsites.
  • 1 million families in Canada like to camp.

Make money by renting vehicles

Make money rental vehicles. If you have a car, motorbike, plane … in your spare time, you can make money with it.

HyreCar, Turo, TravelCar … help you post and find customers for free.

Make money online with music

Music is life, it exists parallel to man. If you’re a music lover, I think you should make a lot of it. Whether or not you have a track, whether you sing it well or not … you can still make money with music.

Take a look at some of the most popular ways to make money online with music:

Sell music through your website

Creating a website and selling your own music are the number one priorities that I will recommend. On your website, you have complete control over everything and also where you gather your followers.

How? That is to build a customer care email system on the website, collect email from the audience, take care of them weekly. In addition to owning your own website, you can sell your products directly to the audience, without going through any affiliate. This means that you have full control of your income.

Selling music on online retail websites

The online retail sites I’m talking about are Amazon and iTunes. Famous singers, when they release music, put them on online retail sites as the first thing they do.

The frequency of buying music on amazon and ituns is enormous. You just need to post your track and set a price for it. Of course, it’s pretty hard for the audience to find, so incorporating a little bit of marketing is a must.

Upload your music to music streaming platforms

Uploading your music to music streaming platforms is also a great way to make money. You will receive a small amount of money after each stream. The more streams you get, the more money you will have.

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music … are platforms that help you upload music and pay you. And of course, you need to market your music first, which is essential if you want your audience to reach you.

Monetize your YouTube channel

You must know the song Despacito performed by Luis Fonsi. Nearly 7 billion views and the revenue brought from this video for Luis Fonsi is huge. This is how I say, Monetize your YouTube music channel.

You have to take a compelling and song-related video, schedule a premiere, and more. A YouTube music channel can both help earn money from your views and build a brand, bringing you closer to your audience.

Finance your next project through crowdfunding

Raising sponsorship in music is not much different from raising business capital. I must say it’s too difficult. So what to do and how to get support for the music project you’re developing?

  1. Convince donors, show them the future of the project. Best of all, show them how they can benefit from sponsoring you.
  2. Come up with ideas and plans to grow your music. Should be the trend of music in the future.
  3. Show your enthusiasm for music projects.
  4. You must have a background, sing well or know how to compose music. Of course, you have to get attention.

As I said, it’s difficult to get funded. However, things still have hope if you follow through.

Offers fan subscription on your music website

This is a continuation of making money with a music website. You will create a signup form, the audience will pay a small sign-up fee or pay a monthly membership fee. And they will have exclusive access to music on your website

Audience registers, proving they’re already your fans. However, making money this way takes a long time, but it is worth building an image in the heart of the audiences

Sell tickets to live stream shows 

You have a concert, a live music show … selling tickets online is a way to earn some extra income. In addition, the form of watching exclusive concerts online at home is quite hot during the Covid -19 season. And audiences have to pay a fee to watch that show.

In addition to performances, you can communicate directly with your audience, Show off new works … In part, these ways will increase the bond between you and your audience.

Get a tip thanks to your free music products.

At first, it will be difficult to build your image. Uploading a product for free is one way for your audience to reach you faster. Of course, you still make money off tips from your audience.

Right on the website or below the video description line, place a CTA with the papal link and watch as your audience supports you.

Monetize your Facebook and Instagram videos

Facebook video also has ads and so does instagram. When a music video is posted on these 2 platforms, there are many people who follow, watch, share and comment, you will get money for that. It is no different than making money with youtube.

Listen to Your Own Playlists

The prerequisite is that you have to own a playlist, with many followers. It could be Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music.

Playlistpush is a standout platform in 2020. You can earn $ 12 per song per review. In addition, you can also refer a friend to Playlistpush and receive a commission for each referral.

Rate Songs

You will act as an expert and rank for new songs or growing new musician or singer. There are a few websites that pay you to do it for example Music Xray and Hit Predictor.

Participate in Focus Groups

A musical focus group aims to gather opinions and statistics to predict trends, improve music products or develop new music products. When you join the group, you get paid by companies for that.

SurveyJunkie, Music Xray and Swagbucks are prominent companies. The dispatcher will ask you interesting questions. Think carefully and answer those questions.

Complete Paid Surveys

Taking surveys is a popular way to make money, and music is no exception. LifePoints, Pinecone Research, and InboxDollars are popular sites that pay you to complete music surveys.

Once you have subscribed to these websites, just keep track of your inbox, answer the given surveys and get paid. The amount paid will be different, depending on which country you are in

Listen to Certain Radio Stations

Music companies or famous singers, when there are new albums or songs, they will also put them on the radio. Some companies pay you to listen to their program or the radio station they are affiliated with.

You can even sell music to the radio stations, or make money by becoming an affiliate of them. RadioEarn and FusionCash are website templates for you to refer to and completely earn money by listening to the radio.

How to make money online with language translation

If you own a 2nd language, or more, this is your chance to make money online. No need to stand in class, or business trip with your boss … you just need to sit with the computer and make money anywhere. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make money online with translation.

Become an online language tutor

There are a lot of people out there who want to know a second or third language … but they also spend time on other jobs and don’t always have to go to class to learn. An online session will solve many problems. It will save time for both learners and tutors. If you are an online tutor, you can teach anywhere, teach anytime … yes, it’s very comfortable.

Many websites allow you to put your name on to find customers. For example: Chegg, Club Z, eTutorWorld, Khan Academy ….

Become a freelance translator

Freelance translator is a wonderful profession, you don’t work directly with clients or any company. You can even relax in time, at any place.
So what is the job of a freelance translator? Receive customer contract, translate what customers send. After completing the work you will receive a fixed amount originally requested by you. Of course, you can work with many different clients.

Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, … are famous websites for freelance jobs. You can find customers on these pages and make great money for yourself.

Become a freelance international writer

When you master a second language, love writing, you can make money from it. The demand for content is currently very high, become a freelance writer and collaborate with international courts. Or simply, partner with bloggers to write posts on their blogs ….

So how do you become a writer with your second language? On freelance job sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr … that place will be for you. A better way is to write a blog in your second language on the subject of “freelance writer services”.

Sell language courses online

An online video course is a great monetization that I would recommend. Filming yourself with a series of language lectures and promoting it to everyone.

You can start a blog then upload the course and sell it. Or upload to sites like Udemy, where you can easily sell your courses. If you want more popularity, uploading to youtube can reap a fortune for you too.

Make money with transcription and voice acting work

Do you often watch foreign movies, have you heard the voice acting movies? Your work will be similar to these voice actors. In other words, you are a voice actor. But not to the company to work, but you do online.

Just listen to the video or podcast, translate it into your required language and voice your own voice. Where can you find this job: Voice123, Voices, … are prominent names for this job.

Of course, not only voice acting for movies, you can voice courses, songs, auditions … Hope, this will be the right job for you.

Build a blog with a second language

I am a vietnamese, and I am making money with an English blog. English is also my second language. For that reason, if you know another second language, why not create a blog in your second language?

How to make money with video games?

Online games are an indispensable part of life, probably not equal to music but equally important. In addition to entertainment, you absolutely can make money from it. Whether you are a player or a developer, anything is possible.

Inert as a game developer

To do this, you need a groundbreaking game idea, plus you have to be good at coding. A fairly stressful and busy job, especially when the game is coming soon.

A company can hire you for nearly $ 100,000 or you can even start your own company. Generally the money you make is extremely large and will increase as the game develops.

Create game related blogs

The number of people playing games is huge and they need game reviews and news. If you love blogging and are passionate about games, this is a great job to make money.

There are many ideas for developing a game blog. But to grow fast, you should hit the niche, new games coming out and with little competition. The user will slowly come to you. It’s a long process, but it’s fun.

People who guarantee the quality of the game

If you are a game quality checker, you will be playing a lot of games and playing the most advanced versions. Then, you will give feedback to the developer. You have to tell them how the game is performing, what development needs to be done, is there any errors …

If nothing happens, the game can be released. Hence the role of a game quality tester is very important. The income of a game quality tester is about $ 15 per hour.

Become a gamer check the game

Before releasing a game, testing is the last important step and requires a review from the players themselves. Developers pay professional gamers to do this.

Not a QA employee, but these gamers work like a QA. Play for hours continuously and test countless times to detect game errors. Salaries vary from country to country, but are usually 20 to 30% higher than the country’s average salary.

Become a game streamer

Twitter, facebook, youtube … are the channels that often see live videos of playing games. The streamers do this and they make money for it.

If you speak fluently, confidently in front of the camera, and have great judgment on the game, this is the job for you. Streamers make money through advertising on social media channels. And each social network channel has different conditions for you to participate.

Join game tournaments

The game tournaments have very attractive rewards, that attracts all players. To get the reward, however, you have to win a lot. Does that excite you?

League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty … are famous games for big tournaments. If you want to assert yourself and make money then join them.

Become a game trainer

If you are an expert in a particular game, you can turn yourself into a coach. Latecomers always want someone to guide them, and they’re willing to pay for it.

However, finding real students is not easy. You need to polish yourself on facebook, twitter, youtube … so everyone knows you are an expert in your game.

Become a game developer representative, take over and fix bugs

In case of any account error, card recharge or game error, you will call support. They will receive feedback from you, meet and exchange to receive errors, suffer anger from players … This is the job that I want to talk about.

You don’t need to play good games, you need good communication skills. In fact, not unlike a salesman.

Currency transactions in the game

You need in-game money or rare items to develop your character. Someone else will sell you money or rare items in this game, in exchange you will pass them an amount as agreed. This is the way to make money that I want to say.

This work has nothing to do with the developer, and it arises out of the player’s need. The famous role-playing games gather people making money with these.

Designs that sell game-related merchandise

A PC gaming rig needs a lot of good components like mice, mechanical keyboards … Or like the development of legendary leagues, you can design fashion that contains pictures of League of Legends games and sell it.

Set up an e-commerce website and sell online. Not bad if you want to get rich from this array.

Write reports on games for newsrooms

The demand for content from newsrooms is huge, and especially games. They need the latest news, updates on the available games. If you are passionate about games and interested in writing, this is probably the right form of monetization for you.

Make money online with the accountant profession

Reviewing, managing and monitoring the financial information of a company or individual, it is a routine job of a professional accountant. They will work around financial decisions and increase corporate profits.

Doing an online accountant is not much different, but you will be comfortable in time, work anywhere and do not need to go to the company. Depending on the different accounting positions, there will be different jobs. Here are a few jobs for an online accountant.


The bookkeeper is the person who makes accurate statistics of the financial information of the business. Small and medium business owners, they lack experience in financial inventory, and they do not want to pay a fixed salary to an employee for financial reasons. This is an opportunity for people who work from home, have expertise in accounting, financial statistics.

You can find your clients on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr … The job is not difficult and it is suitable for novices starting with accounting.

Financial Analyst

The Financial Analyst is a job that has always been favored by experienced accountants. Based on statistical financial data, data analysts analyze, test and then use their findings to help companies make business decisions.

Skills Requirements: To become a financial analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in economics, finance or statistics or even math. You need to solve problems like an expert, when there is a finding in your financial data, you need to report to your supervisor in a clear, concise, coherent and convincing manner.

Search client page: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr …

Make money with Personal Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a job best suited for a freelancer. And their earnings are usually either hourly or as a percentage of the client’s assets under management.

What will a financial advisor do?

Develop financial plans for customers to achieve their goals.
Re-examine their clients, reassess their current situation, future goals, and plan accordingly.

Become a Financial Writer

Your job is to create a blog about finance and accounting, write related content and make money with it. There is a financial boom, people need more news, they need to have an accurate assessment of the financial industry.

If you love writing and a passion for finance, this might be an opportunity for you. Promote your blog to get people to see your blog. The more people that follow your content, the greater your earnings will be.

Become a freelance SEO practitioner

SEO is search engine optimization, which can be google, facebook, bing … and usually google website optimization, which helps your website get high rankings on search engines. A lot of businesses don’t want to pay a fixed salary and they find a freelancer. If you have SEO experience, I think you can make money as a freelancer.

To find customers, you can create a blog, then go to facebook, linkedIn groups or some sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr … Of course, to be trusted by customers, you need to show them. what you did.

Make money online with your photos

Do you have many beautiful pictures? Do you know how to edit different images to make them interesting? I also know that you can make money from the images you already own.

Sell your pictures

If you have your own photos, why not sell them and make a profit for yourself. Lifestyle, people, food, travel … are topics that many people look forward to, especially bloggers.

So where to sell photos?

Create your own website. There, you can decide on the price, control the image freely, set your own terms and conditions of sale. In general, you are in control
In addition, you can sell your images on Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy… Polishing your name is essential, especially instagram. Once you have followers, you can take them to your photo sale page.

Use of Creative Commons license

You need Use of Creative Commons license. Flickr users will get free access to your uploaded photos. You are giving away images, so how do you make money?

The free images you allow users to download are of low resolution. When users want high-resolution images, they pay. Many websites apply this and Flickr is a standout example.

Get Paid to Edit Others’ Photos

Still a freelancer but with visual themes. Many people have images, but they don’t know how to edit them. This is your chance if you are good at image editing.

The jobs will usually be deleting background layers, blurring images, collage images … Posting your information and services on Upwork, Fiverr … where customers can find you.

Final conclusion

The 100 ways to make money online that I offer is not the limit. What you need to know is not all of them, but choosing the way to make money that works best for you. I mean, choose a niche that you like and enjoy.

Most of these ways of making money show that you need to be an expert, you need to show everyone, you are good at the niche you choose. Create a brand website, build a personal page with many followers, …, try to create a stable income, independent of anyone and comfortable in terms of time.

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