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What is Bot Traffic?

by Duc Nguyen
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Traffic is what a webmaster, a business or a website owner is always waiting for. Bot traffic also appeared right after that and it was like a phenomenon. What is bot traffic? Is bot traffic good? What are the advantages and disadvantages? …

The rush to increase website ranking on serp and alexa is the cause of bot traffic. It will boost your rankings quickly but will also drown you mercilessly.


Find out more details in my post!

What is bot traffic?

Bot traffic is not real human traffic, they are based on software created by humans. These softwares will be installed with the appropriate elements, the bots will go to web pages and perform specified requests.

What is bot traffic that would be like humans.

Take a very simple example, comparing the behavior of a human and a robot (advanced). Humans have intelligence, actions are very natural, you cannot grasp and measure human actions. In contrast to robots, processes are pre-installed. It repeats, you absolutely can measure it. Bot traffic too, initially the behaviors can be like humans, after a period of measurement, you can easily recognize bot traffic.

How does bot traffic work?

To understand how bot traffic works, you need to understand the purpose of creating these bot traffic. On the other hand, there aren’t any people who share the same thoughts. So is the creator of bot traffic, they have different purposes and will create different bot traffic.

Preprogrammed bot traffic

So what is the answer? Obviously there is no fixed way of working from bots. It is created from a software, on this software, people have installed an available program, meeting the necessary elements to satisfy the original purpose. And so the bot traffic will move to the web pages, taking the scheduled actions.

If the target audience upgrades or does something that causes bot traffic to malfunction, what happens next? I will not answer this question! Anyway, the bot traffic providers will change their bots to accommodate these upgrades. It’s just that time is slow or fast and how it will affect it.

Is bot traffic good?

If anyone already knows bot traffic, this question is the one that comes to mind most. Managing a website, wanting to give the website a foothold on Serp, want to convert, … all need traffic and the word “bot” is next to the traffic.

So is bot traffic good? Through the existence of bot traffic, people are blacklisting it. Because this is the obsession of all website administrators. But not all bot traffic is bad, everything has two sides of it.

As I said, bot traffic depends on people. For a bad purpose it is bad, for a good purpose it will be good. Let’s also analyze some prominent traffic bot to understand this problem.

Good traffic bot

Bad Traffic Bot

Bot Google search Bot DDos

Your website is on google and needs to be ranked. Google will provide a traffic bot and it will move all over your website.

Google bot is responsible for crawling the website, indexing the information it finds. They do not harm your website, do not steal data or anything, do not stimulate rapid increase in traffic, ….

This is a good traffic bot, responsible for crawling and ranking the website. The same goes for tools like Bing, Baidu, …

DDos is a distributed denial attack, an attempt to prevent a user from using the resources of a computer. Your network usage will be interrupted, slowed, or even unable to login. This is also because some users drop malicious bots, overwhelmingly sending traffic to a web server.

Bot monitor

Credit card fraudulent traffic bot

Are you monitoring the website using software? Surveillance bots appeared thanks to these software. It checks your website, reflecting factors like heat maps, load times, uptime, bounce rate, etc.

There is nothing harmful to your website. Google bots, semrush’s, ahref, akismet, … these are powerful and extremely good monitoring bots.

If you are using your card and account to pay online, everything is insecure and easily revealed to the outside. Not by someone secretive, the main reason is due to the intrusion of malicious bots

Bots are created with intrusion functions and payment sites. Realizing simple transactions, they will collect customers’ account information, create fake cards and steal cash inside the card.


Click traffic bot

Chatbots are models of chatting with people through text or audio files. Messenger facebook, Siri IPhone, … are the most typical role models. These chatbots are responsible for automatically responding to a question or an action.

In fact, the chat bot is not just in one position and responding, it can move to a website and perform chat like a human. I have been in contact with people who shoot traffic to the website, they have this type of chatbot.

It’s funny that I used to use these bots and get a little something from google adsense. Unfortunately I have been banned from advertising forever.

People create bot traffic with the ability to click on links, images. They have absolutely no purchase intent and are trying to drain businesses’ spending.

Because of this, not too many companies trust small ad networks. Google adsense has always fulfilled its task, do not despise. No matter what kind of bot you create, you can not overcome Google’s defense system

Shopbots Bot traffic exploits information

Why are some websites or businesses able to capture discount codes so quickly? Shopbots help them do that.

It is like google bots, moving around designated websites. Upon execution of an install order, it will respond to the discount code back to the manager, possibly even the lowest price of the specified item.

I myself am using a software that can find email addresses on facebook. So what is this?
The bot traffic will be created by these softwares, moving around on websites and collecting user information. This is happening frequently recently. Simply because you need other people’s information to do business.
Whether with good intentions or bad intentions, you are compromising the personal information of others. Therefore, I classified it as a bad traffic bot.

Good traffic bots help improve consumers and businesses. Everything is safe and offers good benefits

With bad bot traffic, many programmers can generate it. Mostly it is stealing information, harming consumers, destroying the system … for self-benefit. However, it must be admitted that bad bot traffic has its own appeal.

How to Detect and Prevent Bad Traffic Bot

I’m not a software expert and don’t know too much about intrusion algorithms. But a few things about blocking bots are indispensable. I have also seen a lot of bots as well as using different ways to stop them.

Use CapTcha

Captcha prevents bot traffic

Do you use email marketing yet? If used, you will see a captcha settings area. Most tools already use this feature

You login google many times. The captcha box will appear and force you to confirm that it is human or not.

Captcha settings can’t prevent premium bot traffic, but it will block a lot of junk for you. Simple scanners won’t get into your account.

Evaluate your traffic sources

Monitoring and detecting bot traffic on google analytics

What are you doing to generate traffic for your website? There is a need to control this issue carefully!

When there is an anomaly in the flow diagram (google analytic), you need to take action. Here are a few signs of the bot

  • Traffic spike
  • The bounce rate is abnormally high
  • Lots of traffic, but no conversions
  • High click-through rate but no purchases
  • Pageviews and page loads skyrocketed

Monitoring of unsuccessful login attempts

As a webmaster, you should install a login tracking program. The number of unsuccessful login attempts is always natural. But if it’s too much in a short amount of time, you’re under attack.

Wordfence plugin solves spam bots

On the wordpress platform, I have always trusted the Wordfence plugin. Scans, displays and prevents unsuccessful logins

Choose hosting provider against DDos extremely well

A best web hosting provider is always a top choice when developing a website. Resisting DDos attacks is a key factor when choosing. What happens to your website if your hosting provider’s server goes down for a while?

Let’s take a siteground example. They develop proprietary AI software that blocks more than 5 million violent attacks every day. Add hundreds of patches every year to firewalls, prevent third-party software vulnerabilities …. Anyway, do a thorough research before choosing.

Monitor the unsuccessful verifications of the gift cards

Bot traffic steals card account information

Now I will talk about the bot traffic related to gift cards. When you own a sales site, you need to be mindful of this. Customers can easily lose money in gift cards when bad traffic bots are constantly trying to steal the balance in the card.

You need to pay attention to the number of failed validation attempts, if too many, you are being attacked by a traffic bot. In addition, the spike in traffic to the validation site also causes a lot of suspicions.

Join a content delivery network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps you speed up your website, ensuring good user experience. In addition, CDN can prevent DDos attacks and malicious bots.

CloudFlare, Akamai, … are good places to provide CDN and prevent malicious bots. I myself am also using Cloudflare’s CDN

Using a service to prevent bot bad traffic from a third party

To be safe from Bot Traffic attacks, these methods seem to work only with normal bots. If you get caught up in a high-end attack, you’ll need third-party services.

They created a service specifically designed to prevent Bot attacks. Anyway, the names of some service providers can not be denied such as clickcease, ppcprotect, imperva, …

Should I use bot traffic to rank my website?

The problem will happen in two cases: active and passive. Passive means your website is being spammed by a third party. The proactive is that you intentionally use this bot to improve a few factors to increase website rank.

Spam bot and how to prevent it

It is clear that spam bot is an intentional attack from an outside person and wants to sabotage your website. Shoot traffic bots, spam bots, … to your website and destroy parameters on your website.

If you don’t block it, google will let your website disappear from search engines. To learn more about the harm and how to stop spam bots, an article on preventing bot traffic by Jared Gardner on Moz will help you.

Bot traffic because you actively put into website

In fact, this is very common with new websites or pages with no traffic. I tried using some bot traffic before and it was great at first. But I don’t use them anymore, for many reasons. I will share shortly.

Google ranks the website based on more than 200 different ranking factors, some of which are related to traffic and users. The miracle is that bot traffic providers always create bots that satisfy these elements. Many bot traffic providers exist for many years and are supported by many people.

The factors “Dwell Time, bounce rate, demographics, time on page, comments, …” the bots can be optimized. It can change Analytics metrics in a positive way. But unfortunately, google doesn’t use analytics to rank websites. Let’s take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages of bot traffic rank.



The bounce rate can be reduced Long time use, you will see a loop. It is specific action repetition. Google soon knew that repetition. A punishment will happen, sooner or later
Can increase the dwell time on the page Disrupting traffic charts will make Google suspect. You must maintain constant bot traffic. (In case there is still no organic traffic)
Can comment automatically You know that this is a bot, not a real person. You won’t be able to measure the source of organic traffic. That means you can’t capture customers
Can generate unique IPs and back pages Worst of all, google will let you disappear from its search engine.
Can increase Alexa rank and Google Search  

What’s the best advice for you?

If you are looking for potential customers, developing an expert blog, … you should not use Bot Traffic. You should only use it when you are sure what you are doing.

Some tips from me if you want to use bot traffic

  • Control bot traffic at the lowest level. The highest is 20% of organic traffic. If you don’t have organic traffic yet, using a few dozen traffic a day is enough.
  • Check the characteristics of bot traffic before using it. Does it optimize the time on site, reduce bounce rate, …
  • Only use in a short time, use a few months, your website will die.
  • Enhance quality content on the website
  • Try to increase traffic from social media or related sites, the traffic source will be more natural

The final conclusion with the topic “What is bot traffic?”

What is bot traffic?” Through my article, you also understand. Anyway, while the website is still alive, the bot traffic will remain. It is good or bad, it depends on the purpose of its creator.

Preventing bad bot traffic is essential. Don’t underestimate it, protect your website and your customers.

Actually bot traffic can help you increase your ranking on google, alexa, … but should not be too dependent on it. Google knows what you’re doing. And finally, should not use bot traffic with google adsense!

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